Oh, it’s such a shame. It’s such a shame that to so many people, Wyoming = Yellowstone. People miss out on absolutely jaw-dropping towns and cities like Thermopolis, Wyoming because they’re so obsessed with Yellowstone.

The results of my Instagram poll showed that most people think of Yellowstone and the Tetons when thinking about Wyoming.

Now listen. Don’t get me wrong. Yellowstone is unbelievable. The history, the landscape, the science behind it all is just unreal. It’s been hit by over tourism big time and I really want to change peoples perception about Wyoming.

I’m starting by giving you a glorious 10 minute run down of this fantastic little town in Wyoming. A perfectly balanced town of historical, scientific, and outdoorsy things to do that makes it the perfect place for all types of travelers.

Things To Do In Thermopolis, Wyoming

Hot Springs

Hot Springs State Park is a must while in Thermopolis. There are different springs to pull over and look at, playgrounds, swimming pool, a bath house, and a large bison herd. It’s also a great place to go biking!

The bath house is free for you to enjoy. Normally, the springs are naturally 135 degrees Fahrenheit, but the bath house is altered to 104 degree for a more enjoyable therapeutic experience.

If you’ve never been to a natural hot spring before, you may be shocked to find out that they stink. They smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. If you are back away from the water a bit, you won’t have to deal with the smell. While my daughters played on the playground next to the springs, the smell wasn’t an issue.

There’s also a beautiful swinging bridge in the state park, near the springs that you can walk on, but keep in mind it’s not handicap assessable.

Fun Fact: Thermopolis got its name from a combination of the Greek words for hot baths and city.

Hot Springs County Museum

This museum beautifully lays out the the history of Hot Springs County. From the Native Americans, pioneers, to the archaeological finds of the area.

You can easily spend two or more hours here at the Hot Springs County Museum. Obviously interesting and educational, but the best part for budget and family travelers is that it’s affordable!

It only costs $5 for adults, $3 for kids, and preschoolers and military are free. score, score, score!

source: Hot Springs County Museum

Wyoming Dinosaur Museum

One of a few dinosaur museums that actually have dinosaur excavation sites within driving distance. Plus, it was ranked one of The Worlds Coolest Places by TIME Magazine For Kids in 2019.

You can purchase a ticket for the museum or a ticket for the excavation site site. You can save yourself some money and do a combination ticket for the museum and tour.

Other than the fact that the museum is seriously amazing and intriguing, they offer six other programs and experiences that you can take part in at the center and site.

You can take part in Dig For A Day where you can.. you guessed it, dig at the excavation site for the day. They have a seperate digging option that’s children only. This is super nifty because staff and visitors have removed over 10,000 fossils from this site.

You could be responsible for uncovering a fossilized dinosaur bone in Wyoming. How cool is that!?

Another interest option at the museum is the Paleo Prep. You take a tour of the laboratory, see the fossils that the staff is working on, and see how they are prepped in the lab.

source: Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Dig Sites

Accommodation Is Affordable In Thermopolis, Wyoming

One of the most important considerations travelers have to think about when planning travel is the cost of accommodation. And in Thermopolis, you are in luck!

You can find hotels for well under $100/night. You also have options for higher end hotels, RV parks, camping, and cabins.

At Roundtop Mountain you can get cabins for $100 or LESS during high season in Thermopolis. The city really can’t be beat.

Where To Eat In Thermopolis, Wyoming

For coffee, ice cream, and perfectly yummy snack food, you need to stop at Dairyland & Hot City Coffee. This is the typical little western food shack that you would expect to see in a small Wyoming town. Stop for your morning coffee or after a day of exploring grab a burger and banana split!

I know road trippers love a big breakfast. If that’s you or if you like to get a big breakfast before a day of traveling and exploring a new city, Thermopolis Cafe has you covered. They have huge country breakfasts, skillet dishes, and a super friendly staff.


If you’re wanting to take a day trip from a larger Wyoming city, Thermopolis, Wyoming needs to be on your radar. It’s also a great option for a weekend getaway or for if you only have a day or two to spend in Wyoming.

The larger Wyoming cities are really too big to explore in only a couple days, but Thermopolis is perfect! For a short stay in Wyoming, the history and natural beauty of Thermopolis can’t be beat.

If you have any more questions about Thermopolis, Wyoming or the surrounding area, message me on Instagram or leave a comment on this post and I’ll help ya out!

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