On our three-week trip through Kentucky we spent a day in Newport which is just right across the river from Cincinatti, Ohio. I spent all day in Newport with my little munchkins. It was a great day, albeit a hot one. As you can see in the picture above, it was so humid you could see it and feel it in the air. That hot and humid combo usually isn’t around in Kentucky, especially the farther north you go, so it wasn’t the best day to be outside, but luckily most things to do on the levee are indoors so you can have a great day rain or shine.

When you get to Newport, your best bet for parking is the parking garage on the levee. You will need to take the ticket you get when entering the garage with you up to the levee and make sure you validate it at one of the validation machines at the levee to avoiding paying for a lost ticket. Parking here is very reasonable as well, you won’t spend more than $5, even if you are there all day.

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Food & Sweets

My favorite place to eat in Newport is Tom & Chee. They’re home to the grilled cheese doughnut! One of their first locations was on Newport on the Levee. They later were on Shark Tank and have want on to be featured on The Travel Network and The Food Network. I first ate there back in 2014 and honestly didn’t like it at the time. It’s grown on me since then and is now a must-eat place when I’m in town.

There’s also a couple of places for you to get ice cream and other sweet treats while you’re there. Stop into Sweet Dreams Candy Co. for a wide selection of sweets! They have some deliciously unique fudge flavors. Like cotton candy, strawberry lemonade, birthday cake, orange cream and key lime pie. You can also pick up some Graeter’s Ice Cream, candy apples or chocolate covered strawberries. On this trip we left with some chocolate fudge with walnuts, smore’s fudge and we filled a bag of candy for $3.00 a pound!

Newport Aquarium

If you are in Newport with kids, The Newport Aquarium will be the highlight of the trip for them. The aquarium has changed a lot over the years, but is always a win for the kiddos. It’s been two years since I have brought my oldest to the aquarium. Since she was one when I last took her, she wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as she could this go around.

Admission for the Newport Aquarium is $25.99 for adults and $17.99 for kids. (2 and under are free!) We were fortunate to have arrived at a good time when several shows were going on. We watched a penguin feeding show as well as a dive show in the shark tank. You can look up the times for the show on their website, here, before you go so you don’t miss out.

As you can see in the photo above, my youngest daughter was terrified of the stingrays. She has her little legs drawn up and she’s grabbing for her sissy. We didn’t stay by them for very long, but they’re great for the older kids. They swim with their bellies up against the glass and the little kids around 3-6 thought it was so funny! haha

The Newport Aquarium is big and has plenty of places for your kids to stop and play. Some of our family favorites are the albino alligators, walking through the tunnels (you can see my daughters amazement of them, above. haha), and the petting stations. Once we walked through the aquarium we came to the Sharky’s Cafe and grabbed some pizza and dippin’ dots. You know, just your typical healthy family dinner…

Before you reach the aquarium exit you enter this large room where you are surrounded by sharks. The large shark pool is surrounded by a walkway all the way around to the exit. My girls love seeing the sharks swim by them with their fins poking out of the water. Over top of this large shark pool is the shark bridge. As long as your kids are able to walk across on their own two feet, they are welcome to walk across regardless of age. This was my oldest daughters first time across and she went across sooooo slow! We held up the line big time because she kept stopping to point and talk about the sharks swimming under her. (hope we didn’t make anyone too mad..)

Newport on the Leeve is a great place to visit with toddlers. It’s easy to entertain the children while also having a good time yourself. It can also be quite romantic. I’ve been on dates by the water, then finishing the night off with a walk by the river. There’s really something for every body and most importantly in my current walk of life, there’s something for my little girls!

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