I’m really wanting to make the most of this spring with my daughters. Just totally enjoying the season and making memories together. If you are wanting the same thing, I’ve made the ultimate spring bucket list for kids and mommas. I’ve also included some alternatives for when certain things on the list aren’t achievable. I would love for you and your little ones to complete things on the bucket list as me and my daughters do the same. Let’s do this together!

Spring Bucket List For Kids

  1. Play in muddy puddles
  2. Plant flowers
  3. Find a Rainbow
  4. Dance in the rain
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Find a four leaf clover
  7. Play in the rain
  8. Make a bird feeder
  9. pick strawberries
  10. Visit grand parents
  11. Blow bubbles
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Visit a museum (or take a virtual tour of one, HERE)
  14. Make a sun catcher
  15. Make lemonade
  16. Wash the car
  17. Feed the ducks
  18. Have a picnic
  19. Swing at the park
  20. Chase butterflies
  21. Eat watermelon
  22. Go to a farmers market
  23. Read outside
  24. Play hopscotch
  25. Make play-doh
  26. Plan a summer trip
  27. Mommy & me date
  28. Stay up late together
  29. Visit the zoo (or visit the animals virtually, HERE!)
  30. Have a cook out
  31. Take a bike ride (or learn to ride a bike)
  32. Have a game night
  33. Go geocaching
  34. Donate old clothes
  35. Eat frozen yogurt
  36. Paint a birdhouse
  37. Make a spring craft (Check out our spring crafts, HERE!)
  38. Visit a waterfall
  39. Build a blanket fort
  40. Color with chalk
  41. Go to a baseball game
  42. Go bowling ( or make your own bowling lane at home!)
  43. Make a fresh salad
  44. Hoola hoop
  45. Search for bugs in the yard
  46. Jump on the trampoline
  47. DIY spring photoshoot
  48. Pick wild flowers

I hope you love this spring bucket list for kids; let me know what activities you and your little ones complete together in the comments! I’ll keep you posted on what we’ve completed as well.

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