Savannah, Georgia Historic District Walking Tour With Kids

The Savannah, Georgia historic district is filled with history, beautiful Spanish Moss covered trees, and so many amazing things to do to do with kids! The antebellum charm and historic significance of Savannah draws more than 10 million visitors to the city every year.

If you’re looking for the best things to do with kids, you’ve come to the right place! This article will show you around the Savannah, Georgia historic district in a convenient self guided walking tour. You will have options to adapt your own walking tour to fit your needs. I will include little tips for side excursions as well! You can grab sweet treats, walk cobblestone streets, dive into history, and enjoy the charm of the city!

Which of these Savannah, Georgia historic district walking tour locations will you add to your list of things to do in the city?

How Big Is The Savannah Historic Ditrict?

Savannah, Georgia Historic District Self Guided Walking Tour With Kids

The City Market

You can start by parking at the Bay Street Parking Lot in Savannah. Parking here is just two dollars an hour and is a short walk from the popular City Market. Stopping at the city market first in a great choice! (From the parking lot you can also go to The Ships Of The Sea Museum which is just a block away.)

Exploring the Savannah, Georgia historic district will be a lot of walking for some children, so if you have very young kids, definitely consider bringing a stroller along with you.

As you enter the City Market, make a stop at The Savannah Candy Kitchen. They have so much to choose from. They have delicious chocolates, cookies, rice crispy treats, colorful sweets and much more! Buying sweet treats at the Savannah Candy Kitchen is a great way to bring a piece of Savannah home with you!

There are shops where you can buy treats for your pups, souvenir shops, bakery items, a jewelry shop and more! Outside of the City Market you will see The Prohibition Museum. For history buffs, stopping by the museum is a must!

The Prohibition Museum

One of the most unique things to do in the Savannah Georgia historic district with When you arrive at the prohibition museum, someone will greet you at the door dressed in clothes from the time period. Once you get into the museum, the employees will be dressed as speakeasy attendees as well. They even stay in character, speaking in whispers and taking you through secret doors!

There are little hidden spots and cite showcases of the time during the prohibition. One window in the museum played a video of a housewife signaling that her home has alcohol. Another part of the museum is made to look like a dark forest where a countryman was making moonshine.

At the end of the museum, there is an actual speakeasy bar! The decoration was so cool and the walls of the sitting area opposite of the bar were covered with artifacts and facts about the prohibition.

If you have a stroller or a wheelchair, you will need to ask the bartender to show you the way out of the museum. They will take you through a secret passageway behind a hidden door in the wall. This will take you back to the elevator at the beginning of the museum.

prohibition museum in the savannah georgia historic district

Ellis Square

As you exit the museum and look to you right, you will see Ellis Square. It’s a beautiful place to sit by the fountain and enjoy some of those chocolates you just picked up at the Savannah Candy Kitchen before moving on to the Paris Market.

If you are visiting with kids on a hot day, the fountain is a great place to let them play and cool off!

The Paris Market

The building of the Paris Market is a bit different than most of the Georgian style buildings in the Savannah, Georgia historic district. The beautiful architecture and promise of mouth watering macarons will draw you into the shop!

Take a look around the shop to see all of the beautiful French themed products. You can also stop for a bite to eat while you’re at the Paris Market. You can get breakfast, lunch, and delicious desserts. They have a gorgeous seating area where you can sit and enjoy your goodies!

macarons from savannah georgia historic district

Marche De Macarons

Yes, it was time for more sweets! After leaving the Paris Market, it is a short three block walk to Marche De Macarons!

This shop differs from The Paris Market. The shop tends to be more crowded than the Paris Market! You may find that there is hardly any room to stand inside the shop and most likely not much space to sit down either. However, it’s well worth the stop. Their S’mores macaroons are must try when you’re in the Savannah Georgia historic district!


Leopold’s Ice Cream

Right around the corner from Marche De Macarons is the world famous Leopold’s Ice Cream. Famous for their unique and scrumptious ice cream flavors, they have been a resident of Savannah’s historic district for more than a hundred years!

You can sit and enjoy some of their delicious chocolate chip ice cream cones in the A/C and cool off from the Georgia heat. You may be thinking that that waiting until mid/late September to visit Savannah is a good idea in order to avoid the heat, but you’d be wrong. Even in September, you can still find yourself walking through the city with temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s. (& that’s not to mention the humidity!)

So, yeah, Leopold’s Ice Cream shop can be a wonderful place to stop and cool off at on your walking tour of the Savannah, Georgia historic district!

outside of leopolds ice cream shop in savannah georgia historic district

Rossiter Place

Next, walk along the Rossiter Place brick road. The brick pathway is covered by beautiful old trees that are full of Spanish moss hanging down from their limbs,

You can enjoy the beautiful southern charm that the Savannah, Georgia historic district has become famous for and walk through the shops that line the streets!

Factor’s Walk down to River Street

Next, head towards Factor’s Walk. This is a must see while you’re in Savannah Georgias historic district! You can access Factor’s Walk by going down one of the numerous historic steps down to the river. However, if you have a stroller with you, from Rossiter Place, you will need to take East Upper Factor’s Walk down to the river.

Navigating down the cobble stone road with a stroller may be a little difficult depending on what kind of stroller you have. Nonetheless, it is still easier than going down narrow old stone steps.

On your way down, there will be rooms inside arch ways in the brick walls on the left. You can stop and read the informational signs about the rooms and the surrounding area.

On the edge of the river, is the Georgia Queen that gives riverboat cruises. They have several cruise options including a general river cruise, a sunset cruise, and a dinner cruise. If you want to take a river cruise while in Savannah, the Georgia Queen is the cheapest!

Once you get down to Factors Walk you can see the water, walk the beautiful brick street and browse through the shops. Shop for candy, gifts, Christmas ornaments, and more before stopping for a meal at one of the restaurants on the walk.

water views from savannah georgia historic district

The Cotton Exchange

A great choice for food in the Savannah, Georgia historic district is The Cotton Exchange on Factor’s Walk. For convenience sake, you can check out their menu hanging outside the restaurant before deciding on going indoors.

The employees are very friendly! You shouldn’t have any problems at all going into the restaurant with a stroller or double stroller. They have a great kids’ menu and their stuffed potato skins and grilled chicken salad are so yummy!

From The Cotton Exchange, it is a short fifteen minute walk back to the parking on Bay Street.

cobblestone street in savannah georgia historic district

Other Amazing Things To Do In The Savannah, Georgia Historic District

Exploring Savannah, Georgia Historic District Parks & Squares

Exploring the parks and squares in the Savannah, Georgia District is a must! There are more than twenty squares in the city! They were originally created as meeting places and a place to train militia. Today they are beautiful places to walk through and sit and relax surrounded by the beauty of Savannah. Some of the best squares to visit in the Savannah, Georgia historic district are Ellis Square, Monterey Square, Orleans Square, and Lafayette Square.

Arguably the most iconic attraction in the Savannah, Georgia historic district is Forsyth Park. It’s the largest park in Savannah at more than 30 acres and is a photographer’s dream! If you are wanting to take iconic Savannah pictures while you are visiting the city, visiting Forsyth Park is the way to go!

fountain spraying water in forsyth park in the savannah georgia historic district

Colonial Park Cemetery in the Savannah, Georgia Historic District

The Colonial Park Cemetery has been around since 1750 and is a fascinating dive into the history of Savannah! Most of the earliest Savannah settlers are buried in the cemetery. You can also find the grave of one of the men to sign the Declaration of Independence in the cemetery!

The union soldiers left their mark on Savannah by changing the dates on the gravestones in the cemetery. While you’re at the cemetery you can look for dates that don’t fit. You may see the gravestone of a man that says he lived for hundreds of years or maybe a mother who was born years after her children.

Spooky Sites in The Savannah, Georgia Historic District

Savannah is known for being a city with a lot of reports of ghostly activity. Ghost tours are very popular amongst visitors. Many of these locations are available for you to visit on your own in the Savannah, Georgia historic district. Here are a few of the most haunted locations!

One of the most popular haunted locations in Savannah is the Hamilton-Turner Inn. Made famous by the novel, Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil, it is said that the sound of children laughing and sights of a cigar smoking man can be found in the inn.

The Marshall House in Savannah was rated one of the best haunted hotels in the U.S by U.S.A Today. There have been experiences in the hotel where ghosts were seen walking the halls and faucets mysteriously turned on by themselves.

Another popular haunted location is Savannah is the 17hundred90 inn and it is quite possibly the spookiest of all. Anne, who was married to an English Sailor, received the horrible news that her love had died. She was so upset by the news that she jumped out of a window and killed herself. She is still seen in the hotel to this day.

Best Time To Visit The Savannah, Georgia Historic District

You will find many visitors coming to Savannah in the spring through the summer. If you want to visit Savannah when the temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s, consider visiting in the late spring or the late fall. If you’re wanting to avoid rain while you walk around the Savannah, Georgia historic district, you can avoid the rainiest month in the city which is August.

If you are most concerned about prices in Savannah, consider visiting in the winter months. Both the prices and the crowds go down in the off-season, which for some will make a trip to the Savannah, Georgia historic district more enjoyable!

street sign and building in savannah georgia historic district

Savannah Historic District Restaurants

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter is a great place for brunch in Savannah! Delicious coffee, tasty treats, burgers, and more can all be found at this Savannah restaurant.

The Olde Pink House

This restaurant in the Savannah historic district has inventive Southern cuisine in a colony mansion. You can also enjoy the live music in the cellar tavern. You will find yummy southern food like fried lobster, shrimp and grits, and more!

The Little Crown by Pie Society

This restaurant in the City Market is amazing! It’s a budget-friendly option that serves up steak and potatoes, chicken pies, yummy breakfast, and of course, coffee. 

Savannah Georgia Historic District Hotels

Hyatt Regency Savannh

The Regency is one of the best hotels in the Savannah historic district, There are large public spaces in the hotel and seriously breathtaking views from the rooms over the river and the city!

Planters Inn

The Planters Inn brings the old town charm to your visit to Savannah. The interior design will have you taking a step back in time with the four-poster beds and elegant rooms. 

The Olde Harbour Inn, Historic Inns of Savannah

This four-star hotel in the historic district is located on Factors Walk. You will fall in love with the hotel’s southern charm and its close proximity to some of the best things to do in Savannah!

The beautiful Savannah, Georgia downtown historic district welcomes you to explore its history and its cobble stone streets! What will you do first when you arrive in Savannah?

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