Two and half years ago, I moved to North Carolina and everyday that goes by I am more and more thankful to live just an hour away from Raleigh. The city is full of things to do for babies, toddlers, and kids. If you only have a short stay in Raleigh or are just looking for the the best of the best- The Marbles Children’s Museum can’t be beat.

If you have a baby or kids under the age of 10, they’re going to love Marbles. (and so will you!) You can easily spend over 3 hours exploring the museum with your little ones. I’m thrilled to give you a little tour and show you why The Marbles Museum is the perfect way to spend a day in Raleigh.

My daughters with my mom:)

Best Thing To Do With Kids In Raleigh

Simply standing outside the museum building is fun for my kids. There are colorful flowerpots, gates, and hopscotch drawn on the ground. I think we spent a good ten minutes outside the building just so my girls could jump around and TALK about everything, haha! (Aren’t toddlers the best?)

For all of my fellow budget travelers, Marbles is a great option because general admission is $7 a person, while children under 1 are free. When it comes to parking, you may be able to get lucky and find free parking on one of the streets around the museums. More realistically though, you will probably be paying $3/hour for parking in one of the parking lots or paid street parking around the museum.

I’ve always been able to find parking in the lot right behind the museum for $3/hour. I recommend getting three or four hours of parking, that’s usually how long my 2 and 3 year olds play before they get grumpy and/or hungry. Of course, if you know you only have a short time in the museum, pay for parking accordingly.

Play Until You Drop

I can’t even began to explain how awesome the museum is for children and for parents too! There are so many places for kids to climb, slides, balance activities, play sports, slide, learn, and be creative. We started in the camp themed room where kids can play in tent, kayak, and cook by the camp fire. Next, the girls played in an ambulance, fire truck, helicopter, participated in a pretend news cast, explored a pirate ship and underwater research center, and explored the outdoor garden.

Once you have explored the ground level, take the piano staircase to the second floor. PS: The stairs play like a piano as you walk up them. Run up them for an intense song! haha

Once you go upstairs, things get more rowdy with a child sized basketball court and hockey rink. There are places for you kids to make pizza in a pizzeria, help animals in the pet hospital, save their money in the bank, explore electrical charge in the Kid Grid, practice their balance on surf boards, and watch for wildlife in the ranger station. Every corner you turn, you come across more opportunities for your kids to learn and pretend. The museum really can’t be replaced by anything else in Raleigh.

Quite possibly every child’s favorite part of the museum is the water and sand area. Inside the museum they have water tables where kids can put on a water proof smock and play in large water tables. Then, just outside the water area, outdoors is a sand play area.

The Marbles Children’s Museum really goes above and beyond expectations for a children’s museum. The past three years of traveling with my girls has lead me into a lot children’s museums and other similar places–Marbles is definitely one of the best!

We’re rarely looking at the same camera at the same time, but I love pictures like this just as good as the ones where we look put together!:)
Score–every one looking straight ahead! Love my little Irish twins!

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