September 2019 Recap

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I’m just a wee bit late on getting up my September 2019 Recap, but it’s finally here. September was a great month & it was birthday month for my youngest daughter and I!

September Travels

North Carolina – Ocean Isle, Wilmington

South Carolina – Hilton Head Island

Georgia – Savannah

This months travels were all about the coast!

A few days before Hurricane Dorian hit, I spent the day in Ocean Isle, North Carolina. A sea turtle nest was starting to have little baby turtles emerge from the sand and head to the sea which was amazing to watch. I’ve always seen nests being guarded along the coast, but this was actually the first time I had ever seen them actually making their way to the ocean.

The day before my birthday, my daughters and I spent a day in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Then, on my birthday, we spent the day exploring Savannah, Georgia’s Historic District. Blog posts on Hilton Head and Savannah linked below!

Oreo Bark and S’mores square from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Blog Posts This Month

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What I Read

I love to read and every month I try to read at least 3 books to share with you! (PS, I love fantasy and mystery the most!) And I will always let you know if a book, in my opinion, isn’t worth reading.

Soul Keeper by David Dalgish
Devin is traveling to remote villages as a soul keeper, helping souls to move on once people pass away. A strange black water rises above the land causing decay and destruction. It causes a strange new world to come into existence. Corpses begin to walk, weird creatures emerge, fairies exist, and much more. The world grows continually chaotic as he becomes a part of a bit otherworldly diverse group of beings. Soul keepers begin to turn up dead and Devin finds himself in position to help save the human race.

Tangerine by Christina Mangan
Set in the 1950’s Alice finds herself moving to Morocco with her husband. As she adjusts to her new life in Africa, a person from her life at college, Lucy, appears in Tangiers. Alice hadn’t spoken to her old college room mate in over a year, but she found herself happy with Lucy’s presence in Morocco as she helped Alice emerge from her apartment and love her new life in Africa. Soon, an old feeling takes over Alice. She again is feeling stifled and controlled by Lucy. Lucy makes Alice question herself, her life decisions, and her own state of mind. Tangerine is Christinas Mangan’s first book and is really a breathtaking and shocking debut story.

The Visionist by Rachel Urquhart
15 year old Polly is living in an abusive home. After years of abuse, she sets her family farm on fire, killing her abusive father. Her young brother and herself find shelter in a Quaker community in Massachusetts. Polly begins to have what the community believes to be visions and the whole community soon label her a visionist. Polly finds her self under scrutiny by the quaker community and she is weighed down by the deep secrets she holds. A friendship with a sister in the community finds to be life-changing for both of the young girls as Polly finds a way to prove her honesty and purity.

Most Popular Picture on Instagram

My most popular photo on Instagram this month is of my daughters on the pier in Charleston, South Carolina!

September Life Lows

This month, my daughter fell in the kitchen and I thought for sure she had broke her ankle. It wasn’t bruised and only slightly swollen, but she was hysterical for hours, so we didn’t know if she was actually hurt bad or if she was acting worse than it actually was. I ended up taking her to the ER and it was a sprained ankle. I’m glad it wasn’t broke, but she still was in a lot of pain for a couple of weeks. Poor babe would only walk on the side of her foot or crawl around.

Here is a story that is the epitome of #momlife.
Around 3:30 in the morning I heard my girls talking in their bedroom, I saw that it was only 3:30 and thought they’d definitely go back to sleep. Around 4:30 I was woken to slamming in the bathroom… they had not gone back to sleep. They had used UP ALL OF my make-up that I had just bought for my birthday. Covered their faces, bodies, floor, walls, door AND my couch in my lipstick!!! All of it I could get over, but my couch now has a pink tint to it and I freaking love our couch! It’s a real disappointment.

I’ve always loved school, but this is my last year of my business degree and it’s honestly getting pretty hard for me. I have a feeling I may have all B’s and one A this semester, which is not like me at all, but it is what it is I guess.

Hurricane Dorian hit us here in North Carolina a few days before my daughter birthday. I always get super nervous when a hurricane comes through. Partly because I’m from a part of the US that doesn’t get anything but some rain from hurricanes hitting the east coast and partly because since moving close to the coast we have experienced water damage from all of the hurricanes that have come our way. We’ve never had extensive damage which I am so thankful for, but I always dread the leaks and everything comes along with a hurricane hitting where we live.

September Life Highlights

My girls got their first bikes this month. They are so tiny and cute, the girls and the bikes!

I also got a new sewing machine and a ton of new fabrics to use in my online shop that will be opening at the beginning of 2020. I’m super excited about my shop opening and to make all kinds of travel products that will make traveling with your kids easier!

My little love turned two on September 4th. I can’t believe I have a 2 and a 3 year old, what is this life?!

Where Are We Going Next Month?

Next month, I’m going to a few of my favorite weekend getaway locations from when I was a little girl. Keep an eye on the blog to learn about some great places to visit with your little ones in Kentucky!

I also have my eye set on exploring western North Carolina and driving The Blue Ridge Parkway.

If you have any advice on traveling through the western part of North Carolina, I’d love to hear from you!

You can follow along as I travel with my two little girls on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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