10 Great Restaurants In Forks, Washington That You Will Love

If you are looking for great restaurants in Forks, Washington to try during your visit, we’ve got your covered! You can find everything from traditional American fare to Mexican, Asian, and Italian cuisine as well. For those traveling with kids, you will be over the moon with the variety of cuisine in Forks.

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10 Great Restaurants In Forks, Washington That You Will Love

Home Slice Take N Bake

If you are looking for restaurants in Forks where you can grab a quick bite after a long day exploring the town, you will want to swing by Home Slice Take N Bake. This is a casual pizza joint where you can order a salads, breadsticks, or a customized pizza for takeout.

Travel days can be exhausting, picking up a pizza to take back to your hotel is the best way to enjoy a quick dinner when you are tired from the days adventures. At Home Slice, you get a true small town experience. With a laid back interior and small town feel, a visit to this pizza shop is a must for your Forks adventures.

Top your pizza with any number of meats, vegetables, and cheeses like bacon, ground beef, Canadian bacon, green peppers, garlic chicken, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, cheddar cheese, and more. Pair it with a green salad and jalapeno cheese bread and you are good to go!

a pizza with many topping in a to go box


Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? The origins of American barbecue date all the way back to the colonial times. The first mention in recorded history was in the 1600s. As barbecue expanded throughout the country, each corner of America formed its own style and flavor that is unique to that area.

In the Pacific North West, barbecue focuses on cooking pork butt with tomato-based vinegar sauce. Of course, you will find varying opinions on what makes good barbecue and what makes a specific regions’ barbecue unique. While Kansas, Memphis, and Carolina barbecues may hold more weight in the minds of Americans, you can find it in nearly every corner of the states.

If you find yourself wanting to try some delicious Washington barbecue, head to D&K BBQ to try some for yourself as it is one of the best restaurants in Forks! You can find the red building on North Forks Avenue. Choose between brisket, pork ribs, chicken, or sausage and pair it with beans, cream corn, cole slaw, or potato salad.

D&K prides theirselves on making barbecue the Texas way, low and slow. For southerns traveling up north, you will be thrilled for a bit of authentic South Texas flavor while you are in Washington. You can drop by D&K and pick up a meal combo for a relaxing dinner at your accommodation.

The Pit Boss Combo gives you all four of their signature meats in one meal. If you are indecisive or just want to get the best of everything that they have to offer, the Pit Boss Combo is the way to go!

a bbq sandwich with cole slaw on it

FYABEs Mexican Cuisine

Need a taco fix? Tacos, burritos, and tostadas, oh my! FYABES has a little bit of everything to satisfy your craving for Mexican food while you’re in Forks. Like many little restaurants in Forks, you can find FYABES Mexican Cuisine on the roadside.

The menu is includes tamales, sopes, quesadillas, tamales, and more. Whether you are looking for tacos al pastor, pollo, asada, or veggie, you can find them at FYABES. Oh! And don’t forget to grab some horchata or Jarritos before you leave!

a plate of mexican food including rice with cheese and beans

Pacific Pizza

Wait, wait, wait… another pizza place? YES! Pacific Pizza is by far one of the best restaurants in Forks, Washington–it would be a sin to skip over this delicious little pizzeria. Located on South Fork Avenue, the laid back diner vibes at Pacific Pizza are incredible.

Red vinyl seats, brick walls, welcoming staff, and the smell of pizza filling the air… there’s nothing like being at Pacific Pizza. On the menu, you will find specialty pizzas like BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Hawaiian Special, Apple Streusel, South of The Border, Ricotta-Spinach, and Basil Pesto Special.

Moving on from pizzas, they also have east coast grinders, deli sandwiches, and paninis as well. Chicken Caprese Panini, Swiss Links grinders, and pastrami subs–you won’t have to struggle with a small or boring menu when you visit Pacific Pizza.

two pizzas and a small bowl of pizza sauce for dipping

South North Gardens

This laid back Chinese eatery is among the best restaurants in Forks because of its incredible range of dishes, including Vietnamese Pho. Budget travelers will love the meal deals at South North Gardens. You can choose a meal for two for under twenty bucks!

The Cantonese Style Dinner may be for you if you love a good sweet and sour pork, or perhaps the South North dinner is more your speed with the spring rolls and barbecued pork. Whether you are there for the Kung Pao Chicken, General Tsao’s, or the Mongolian beef, you are sure to leave South North Garden happier than when you arrived.

a table full of a variety of chinese cuisine with sauces, dips, and chop sticks

The In Place

This adorable American dinner didn’t have to fight to make its way on to the list of best Forks restaurants. With delicious breakfast and lunch options in a calming small town diner, you can’t go wrong with a visit to The In Place.

If you are looking for the best breakfast in Forks, look nor further, as The In Place knows how to serve traditional American breakfast. everything from hash browns, biscuits and gravy, along with bacon and sausage can be found on their menu. Of course, they have your sweet favorites like muffins, cinnamon rolls, and French toast as well.

For lunch, you can grab Mexican favorites, vegetarian fishes, patty melts, burgers, prime rib, sandwiches, salads and more. This article simply wouldn’t be complete without including The In Place as one of the best restaurants in Forks!

a plate with toast, eggs, bacon, and hash browns

Golden Gate

Another awesome Chinese restaurant is Golden Gate on South Forks Avenue. Here, you can try delicious home made hand shaven noodles. With all your favorites like fried rice, beef with broccoli, vegetable tofu soup, and spring rolls, Golden Gate is like many other restaurants in Forks, you won’t struggle to find the perfect dish for you.

As with most things to do in Forks, Washington, you can find references to the Twilight series at Golden Gate. From posters and signs to book club meetings, don’t be surprised to see references to the books and movies during your visit to Golden Gate (or anywhere in Forks, for that matter.)

dumplings in a circle with sauce in the middle of the dumpling circle

Sully’s Burgers/ Drive-In

It would be a shame to miss out on the All-American classic while you are trying incredible restaurants in Forks. At Sully’s Drive-In, you can find loaded burgers served alongside french fries, tater tots, or onion rings. If you are traveling with picky eaters, it’s a safe bet that they will find something they like at Sully’s.

Sully’s offers visitors a truly small town America dining experience. With cheap prices and flavorful fried favorites, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Sully’s. You can grab yourself a basket of shrimp, fish, or chicken with fries, or if that isn’t your thing, they also have tacos, corn dogs, hot dogs, and more.

When it comes time to order your dream burger, you can choose from exciting speciality burgers like the Rainy Day Burger, Chalet Burger, or the Tall Timber Burger. You can pair your order with a Twilight Punch which is basically a lemonade with strawberries. Sounds great, but isn’t it funny how a lemonade is now Twilight Punch.

two burgers in a to go container with tater tots

Blakeless Bar and Grill

A classic small town bar experience? Yes, please! If you aren’t traveling with kids, Blakeless is where you want to be as it is has some of the best food in Forks. You will find typical pub fare there like small dishes like sips, mozzarella stocks, loaded nachos, sandwiches, and fried foods.

However, you can find much more than just pub fare. They have a full breakfast menu as well! What makes Blakeless one of the best restaurants in Forks is the variety that they offer visitors. On the breakfast menu, you will find eggs benedict, French toast, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, and more.

Benellis Burgers

Make your way to Calawah Way for impeccable burgers from Benellis Burgers. What makes Benellis one of the best restaurants in Forks is that they are a unique fast food option for those who don’t have a lot of time in town or are just driving through. You can still get a taste of some of the incredible food that Forks has to offer when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Beef steak dogs, Polish sausage dogs, sauerkraut dogs, Hawaiian chicken sandwiches, classic bacon cheeseburgers, beyond burgers, and more can be found on the menu at Benellis. And in true American fashion, you can’t have a complete burger meal without topping it off with a shake. Benellis has strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate shake blasters for you to pair with your burger!

a woman holding a burger up close to the camera

You may be thinking that there aren’t good restaurants in Forks, Washington as it is such a small town, but you can definitely find some tasty and memorable food during your visit. Whether you are looking for American cuisine or international fare, you can find what you are looking for in Forks!

So, tell us, have you been to any of these Forks restaurants before? If you are planning a trip in the near future, which eatery will you be visiting first?

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