Hi, everyone! I have some count and circle worksheets for you today.
I’ve been working on teaching my little one number recognition and kind of reinforcing their counting skills. These preschool counting worksheets will help your little one(s) learn and practice counting and recognizing numbers 1-3.

I’ve created more than thirty-five of these worksheets for you in different themes: summer, food and drink, sports, travel, winter, and more! You can download them all at once or you can download them by theme:)

Ways To Use These Worksheets

If your preschooler gets bored of circling the numbers, you can try mixing it up with one of these options:

  1. use cheez-it’s, M&M’s, or any other small edible pieces to cover up the correct numbers
  2. use finger paint to dot the correct number
  3. use do-a-dot markers to dot the correct number
  4. place the worksheet on a baking sheet or other magnetic surface and use small round magnets to cover the correct number
  5. change your utensils; use markers, color pencils, crayons, or highlighters
  6. laminate the worksheets and use a dry erase marker to circle or put an “x” on the correct number

Download Preschool Counting Worksheets

I hope you enjoy these count and circle worksheets! Let me know how you and your preschooler use them in the comments below!

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