October 2019 Recap

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October Travels

North Carolina – Canton, Blue Ridge Parkway

Kentucky –
Slade, Corbin, Berea, Richmond

Virginia –
Blue Ridge Parkway

Tennessee – Gatlinburg

This month, I finally had the chance to drive some of the Blue Ridge Parkway which I have been dying to do FOREVER! I loaded my daughters up and we drove on the parkway through North Carolina and a short piece in Virginia. We also made a stop at the Graveyard Fields Waterfalls.

On our way to Kentucky to visit Natural Bridge State Park and Cumberland Falls State Park, we stopped in Gatlinburg to walk around and explore a bit. As most of you probably know, Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas is our FAVE!

Blog Posts This Month

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What I Read

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
A thought provoking book about Santiago, a young shepherd who is wanting more out of life. The book combines magic and mysticism as Santiago goes on an adventure for self-discovery. He sells his heard and goes on a quest to quite literally follow his dreams. He follows the omens that he sees, travels the worlds, finds a love, and meets unique people that will have an impact on him for the rest of his life. (This is a great short read)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
You may have been required to read this book in one of your high school classes–once angry that I had to read it, now I love to reread the book on occasion. In a world where television shows are everything and the written word is on the brink of extinction; firemen start fires instead of putting them out. Guy Montag, a fireman, meets a young neighbor who teaches him about a past where people read books instead of watching T.V. Montag is hurting. His wife attempts suicide and his neighbor turns up missing. He finds himself hoarding books in his house and when his collection is found, he is forced to run for his life. (another fantastic short read)

The Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
Bustle calls The Priory Of The Orange Tree an “epic feminist fantasy perfect for fans of Game of Thrones.” The house of Berethnet has ruled the queendom of Inys for thousands of years. The current Queen Sabran is under pressure to produce an heir while also dealing with assassins closing in on her. An outsider at court, Ead Duryan, is a lady in waiting to the queen and is loyal to a secret society. Ead is there to keep an eye on Sabran, protecting her from forbidden magic. All the while, the east and the west refuse to parley and forces of evil and chaos are rising from their sleep.

Most Popular Picture On Instagram

Photo of me with my first daughter who was 3 weeks old. Hiking Natural Bridge.

October Life Lows & Highlights

This month was honestly pretty neutral. There weren’t any points that really stood out as being amazing or crappy. I spent some time visiting family back home which is always refreshing.

And on the October 4th was my 5th wedding anniversary! Sadly, my husband was away for work so we couldn’t spend it together, but we don’t really care much for holidays/special days so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Blog & Business Updates

You may notice there is a new feature on my blog this month! I’m finally putting my GoPro and equipment to use and videoing our travels. From now on, the majority of blog posts will be uploaded with a video at the bottom of each post.

Sometimes we are able to gather the most knowledge about a place not by reading, but by watching video. However you like to learn about a specific travel topic; pictures, written word, or video — you can now find it all on this blog! 🙂

Where Are We Going Next Month?

For the first time in months, I have no clue where we are going next month. I really want to make it to The Smoky Mountains one more time this year before all of the leaves fall. This is also the time of year where we like to check out new beaches, because we can avoid all of the crowds. Wherever we end up going.. I can’t wait!

I’d love to have you follow along with me as I travel with my daughters! You can follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest 🙂

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