Let’s make a Halloween sensory bin!

Right now in North Carolina we are in such a weird time weather-wise and we’re spending a lot of time indoors crafting, playing in sensory bins, and coming up with fun season specific activities for my girls. If you’re as fall obsessed as we are, you’ll be super excited to try these Halloween sensory bins this year!

Or, you can also try some of these Fall Themed Sensory Bin Ideas

Like always, when it comes to fillers and extras that go into our sensory bins, we use what we already have at home combined with some Dollar Tree finds. I also occasionally use Walmart or Target Dollar Spot finds as well. For our Halloween sensory bins this year we used around $10 worth of items from the Dollar Tree.

I chose glow sticks, tea lights, purple string lights, plastic eyeballs, “creepy cloth” and little glittery Halloween decor items. For fillers, scoops, tongs, etc. we used items that we already had in the girls play room and from the kitchen.

Pro Tip: I recommend getting all different colors of Easter basket grass when it’s out in stores. It’s super cheap and makes great sensory bin filler all year around.

You may not need to buy anything at all! We have things at home that we wouldn’t normally think twice about but actually work great for sensory bins. Stick around and at the bottom of this post check out my list of Halloween sensory bin fillers and extra ideas for your bins this year.

Once you get your bins together, add a challenge element to them. For older babies and young toddlers the sensory bins themselves are enough of a learning experience. Now that my daughters are preschoolers, sensory bins are still relevant for them. Most of the time they just have fun playing in the bins and its miraculous how focused and calm they get playing in them.

Occasionally, I need to add a little something extra to keep them engaged. Here’s a few ways you can get your little one(s) engaged and learning with their sensory bins.

Challenge Element Ideas

1. Use small pieces of paper and write a letter on each one. Hide the papers in the sensory bin. Then, you can have your older toddlers and preschoolers search for certain letters or have them find each letter of their name in the bin and spell it out with the papers once they’re all found.

2. Put number magnets in the sensory bin and engage with your little ones while they pull out each magnet. example: “Oh look there is the number 5 in your bin!”

3. Bring nature into your bins. Using acorns, leaves, shells, seeds, dirt etc. in your bins can help your little one(s) understand how things are planted, how things grown, etc.

4. Learn animal sounds, names of animals, how animals live and more by using small animal figurines in your bins. You can do this simply by asking questions and engaging with your tot. You can also add three sections to your sensory bin, a land section, water sections, and air section using dirt, water and cotton balls to mark each section. Have your little ones place the animals in the correct area. (Birds in the air, sharks in the water, dogs on the land.)

5. For toddlers, I love sorting activities. Sorting blocks, puff balls, and other toys by color using tongs is a participant favorite. You can also sort and group animal toys, toy food, hot wheels, and more!

Halloween Sensory Bin Fillers And Extras

-black beans
-creepy cloth or faux spider web Halloween decor
-dry noodles
-black and orange dyed dry noodles (put noodles in a bag with splash of vinegar and food coloring)
-cooked and dyed spaghetti noodles
-orange, purple, and black colored moon sand
-orange, purple, and black floam/slime
-oats, Apple Jacks or Cheerio’s
-candy corn
-orange, white, and yellow died rice (add food coloring, rice, and splash of vinegar to bag. shake it up and you have colored rice!)
-water beads
-orange, white, purple, or black Easter basket grass
-shredded Halloween colored construction paper
-popcorn kernels

-spider rings
-small Halloween decor pieces
-purple or orange string lights
-tea lights
-small witch cauldrons
-Halloween candies
-letters that spell out “halloween” (could be letter magnets, blocks, or letters written on small pieces of paper)
-real small pumpkins and gourds
-toy bones, skeletons, bugs, small witch hats, and vampire teeth
-small plastic snakes, spiders, or eyeballs
-freeze small bugs, spider rings, etc. in ice cubes
-dye ice cubes purple, red, orange, yellow, black

Check out these extras and tools that would be a great addition to your future sensory bins.

Wooden Sensory Bin Tools

Plastic Sensory Bin Tools

Animals For Your Sensory Bins

Dinosaurs For Your Sensory Bins

Play Doh Tools That Work Well In Sensory Bins


We all love getting into the spirit of the seasons and now that you have little one(s) running around, bringing them into the festivities is so much fun for you and them both. This Halloween, there are so many ways to celebrate with your little one(s). An easy, low prep, low cost way to do this is with a Halloween sensory bin.

Using this guide to Halloween sensory bin ideas will put you well on your way to having fun this season with your kids. If you make a bin this Halloween, I’d love to see it, send me a pic on Instagram! & save this post for Halloween fillers and extra ideas to use in your bins this season:)

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