Have some indoor Easter fun with your toddler(s) this year! These are perfect for when it’s cold or you are stuck inside on Easter. They’re also great for the week leading up to the holiday as well. I’m going to share a few of my family’s favorite indoor Easter activities for toddlers that we have been trying out this past week 🙂

Easter Rice Sensory Bin

For this sensory bin, start by dying your rice. Fill a zip loc bag with rice and add 2-3 drops of pastel gel food coloring, mix until the color covers the rice.

Easter Basket Sensory Bin

Find the foam cutouts for this sensory bin, HERE.

An Active Easter

For this activity, write different physical activities on small pieces of paper and place them in Easter eggs. Put the filled eggs into an Easter basket and have your toddler reach in and grab one. They do what the paper inside tells them to and then they draw another egg.

Easter Punch-A-Cup

What you need: styrofoam cups, tissue paper, thick presentation board. Put a small prize such as candy, plastic ring, etc. in each cup. Then, tape Easter color tissue paper over the top. Next, duct tape or hot glue the cups to the presentation board. Punch each cup and see what prize is inside!

Lace An Egg

This activity provides fun while improving your little ones fine motor skills! What you need: paper, scissors, hole punch, and yarn or embroidery floss.

Cut the paper into the shape of an Easter egg and punch holes into it wherever you like. Then, let your little one decorate the Easter egg in whatever way they choose by lacing the yarn/floss through the holes you punched.

Foam Cutout Easter Fun

You can find foam Easter cutouts on Amazon or at Walmart during the Easter season. (usually near the birthday cards) You can simply use markers or go all out with glitter glue, feathers, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Complete an Easter Bucket List

Easter Water Play

Easter Potato Stamps

Use a knife to get a potato in half and then cut slits or shapes into the potato. Brush with paint and use it as an Easter egg stamp!

Make an Easter Garland Together

A simple way to spend some quality time while using up some of your leftover craft supplies. Use your hole punch to punch holes in the foam Easter cutouts, then string them onto a piece of yarn or embroidery floss.

Make sure you punch the holes toward the top of the shape so they will hang properly.

I hope you enjoyed this list of indoor Easter activities for toddlers! Make sure to check out these Easter crafts below. And if you try any of these activities, let me know in the comments below!

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