It’s fall y’all! If you’re a fall lovin’ momma like me, you will love these easy fall crafts for preschoolers! Crafting with your little one(s) is a great way to connect with them and celebrate some of the most fun times in our lives. This fall, you may also want to try these Fall Sensory Bins For Toddlers and Preschoolers.

What makes these easy fall crafts for preschoolers so great is that when it come to crafting with your babes, you don’t need much. No fancy equipment, no expensive technology or high priced paints. That’s the beautiful thing about having young kids isn’t it? We don’t yet get bombarded with requests for things that are just otherworldly expensive. Let’s take advantage of that this fall season and get crafty with our little ones!

Easy Fall Crafts For Preschoolers

First, we have this fun little leaf handprint craft. I love how simple, quick, and easy this fall craft is. You only need construction paper or printer paper, paints, and a paint brush. Actually, you don’t even need a brush really. If you don’t have paint brushes at home or you can’t find them, you can use an alternative like q-tips or cotton balls.

Now that my daughters are three and four years old, I let them paint their own hands and just have to give them a little bit of help with lifting their hands off the paper after they’ve left their handprint.

Next, is a craft that will end up looking nothing like a pumpkin, hahah. When my daughter made this craft along side me, their pumpkins where just white plates with all the orange pieces of paper piled up on top of each other in one spot. Creative license, right!

For this craft, we used orange construction paper, a paper plate, brown construction paper, a green pipe cleaner, a hole punch, a stapler, and clear craft glue. Of course this could easily be modified. You can use construction paper instead of a pipe cleaner and a hole punch and stapler definitely aren’t necessary. Also, if you don’t have a paper plate, you could use paper, cardboard, or another material that you already have at home.

One of my favorite fall crafts we’ve made recently is this cute bright red apple shaker. We used two paper plates and taped them together along the edges using masking tape. Then, painted over the plates and the tape with red paint. Little ones love wrapping the green pipe cleaners around their fingers to twirl it for the top of the apple.

We put the pipe cleaner in between the plates and ended up having to staple it into place because when the girls played with the apple shaker, the pipe cleaner would fall out. Tape or glue would work just fine too. Then, we used a clothes pin and painted it brown for the stem of the apple. Brown construction paper would work good too. Some packs of construction paper don’t come with brown paper for some reason, so I’ve had to use black before and paint it brown. Easy peasy.

The shaker part of this craft isn’t necessary, but adding the shaker element extends the lifetime of the craft and makes it a toy as well. You could make this an educational experience and add real apple seed into the middle part between the plates. Beads, popcorn kernels, rice, dry elbow noodles, and other things like this works great too.

It’s a messy one! This craft was so stinkin’ messy to make because I encouraged my preschoolers to take the paint all the way to the outside of the plates. Maybe just let your little one(s) paint however much of the plate they want so you can avoid the mess that ensues, haha.

For this craft you can use construction paper for the eyes and beak or you could use paint. I cut out the yellow circles for the eyes for my daughters and then they could paint the white and black parts of the owls eyes. For the wings, we used staples. You could use tape or glue just as easy. An even better option is to use brass round head fasteners like these so the wings can move up and down.

By far the adult and kid favorite fall craft in my house. I think this is actually really great, like I would totally hang this up as a fall decoration, not just on the kids craft wall. They’re adorable!

The kids seriously had the biggest smiles on their faces and laughed so hard making this because they got to use so much glue. They’d put circles and circles of glue on the plate then pile the leaves on. And oh my goodness, it took so long to dry. Again, it’s that creative license and expression that little ones should absolutely have the chance to do.

I bought 4 packs of faux fall leaves for just a dollar a piece at the Dollar Tree. The four packs of leaves made three of these fall leaf wreaths. Used a hole punch for the top and white yarn to hang it up once they dried. That easy.

Do you like candy corn? Maybe one of the biggest fall season debates, but it’s no debate that this little guy is adorable. The bending of his legs are great dexterity practice for preschoolers. For the stripes of his body, we chose to use paint, but construction paper works just as well. If your little one loves to paint, you can also paint the eyes instead of using googly eyes!

Jack-o-jiggly! For this craft, I ended up cutting all the paper parts out for my daughters, then they could use masking tape to attach the arms and legs to the pumpkin body. Then, just paint or construct his face with construction paper before attaching the stem and pipe cleaner leaf to the top of the pumpkin using either making tape or a stapler. We used masking tape for everything on this craft!


Crafting comes in all different shapes and forms. These crafts will allow your little one(s) to practice different skills and get creative in their own unique ways. You may even end up with some cute fall decor of your own with these easy fall crafts for preschoolers!

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