This Is Why Moms Don’t Travel With Kids Anymore

Have you noticed that moms don’t travel with kids much anymore? You aren’t alone! While there were years of posts, videos, and articles praising parents for traveling with their kids, you have likely seen a decline in this lately. While remarkable mothers are still globe-trotting with their kiddos, there has been a serious dread lately that has filled the minds of traveling moms.

In the past, mothers were posing with their little ones on picturesque beaches and in idyllic cobblestone streets. Today, you are more likely to see those same mothers taking girls trips, solo-backpacking trips, and romantic getaways. Why do you think this is? Let’s dive into why mothers are choosing to abandon the idea of family travel as the ideal travel situation.

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This Is Why Moms Don’t Travel With Kids Anymore

We all want our children to be intelligent. Being well-traveled and having a lot of unique experiences will allow our little ones to expand the way they think, grow to respect others, and most importantly, learn about the world around them. But what happens when all of these benefits are given to our children and mom doesn’t.

With all of the talk of mental health and caring for ourselves, moms are shifting gears. While our job is never over and our kids will always be on our minds, the mental well being of mothers in paramount to raising mentally healthy children.

Without a string example of what handling stress looks like, how can children be expected to successfully handling stress? Without an example of how to take care of theirselves, how can children learn how to take care of theirselves? Without an example of what happy, productive, and calm, how can children learn how to be these things?

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So, if you have been asking yourself, why don’t moms travel with kids anymore? The truth is, mothers are tired. Life is dumb, the cost of living is rising, and rights are being taken away. Moms are stressed out and want to do things they enjoy; they want to relax. With all that is going on in the world and with all of the responsibilities of mothers, they desperately need to focus on themselves to stay healthy. Staying healthy not only helps their own physical and mental wellness, but also that of their children.

With all of the worst things about traveling with kids now days, combined with the fact that kids hate travel, why would moms keep traveling with them?

Of course, there are loads of benefits of traveling with kids. They learn that others live differently, they learn about different languages and cultures, they grow to respect others, they become adaptable, they get use to having to handle uncertainty which is a crucial skill in life. The benefits of traveling have been well studied and documented. It is totally understandable that moms are wanting to give their children all of these things.

As mothers, we want our children to have everything they need and more. We want them to come out on top of struggles that we dealt with. We want them to be happy, healthy, productive, successful, and better off than we have ever been. Something that was often not thought about was the consequences for the mother when she wants these things for herself at the same time.

It can be hard to give your children everything they need, when you yourself don’t have everything you need. How can one feel the cups of their children when their own cup is empty? Traveling, for many moms, is a way to relax, recharge, and remember what they love the most about life.

Quite frankly, we don’t want to be answering hundreds of questions, wiping butts, and dealing with complaining kids while we are trying to relax and recharge. Traveling can make you feel alive and excited for what is coming next in life. Adding more stress, chores, and obstacles is enough to turn moms away from traveling with their kids.

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This may have you thinking… wait a minute, why are you saying that moms don’t travel with kids, I travel with my kids all the time? You’re right, many moms are still traveling with their kids. Sometimes, on the daily. But, the trend right now is leaning heavily towards moms taking care of their mental health and reclaiming a bit of their own time for the well being of not only theirselves, but of their families as well.

Another area that you can see moms stepping away from traveling with their kids all the time is with travel influencers on Instagram and TikTok shifting from running family group trips, to solo girls trips. And at the same time, mothers taking a part in group trips without their children.

So, what do you think? If the reason that moms don’t travel with kids anymore simply because we are deciding to take care of ourselves more than ever before? Or do you think there are other factors like rising prices at play? We would love to hear from you!

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