Best Kids Luggage

Is it time for some new luggage? Maybe you’re looking for an amazing travel related gift for Christmas or a birthday. Getting your children reliable luggage is just as important as getting yourself reliable luggage. Wether you’re looking for a hard shell, soft shell, ride-on, or a super versatile suitcase, this list has you covered.

All the suitcases in this post:

  • at the time of this post have a four star or higher rating
  • at the time of this post, range in price from $36-$216
  • take into account the specific needs of children and care givers while traveling

The Luggage Listed in This Post:

Hard shell
Honey Joy Kids Luggage Set
Kids Carry On Luggage Set
American Tourister Kids Hardside

Soft shell
Yodo Zoo 3-way Rolling Suitcase
Tilami Kids Rolling Backack
American Touister Kids Softside

Unique Designs
Animor Kids Travel Partner
Travel Tots Kids Trunk
Kids Luggage Scooter

Hard Shell Luggage

Honey Joy Kids Luggage Set

-3 different designs to choose from
-strong construction
-super quiet spinner wheels
-strong design
-the set include a 16 inch suitcase and a 12 inch backpack-both hard shell
-water proof
-easy to clean

Kids Carry On Luggage Set

-multi directional spinner wheels
-scratch resistant
-water proof
-ergonomic and light weight design
-easy to clean
-suitcase: 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 18″
-backpack: 13.5″ x 10.5″ x 4.5″

American Tourister Kids Hardside

-available in a Paw Patrol & a Shimmer and Shine design
-in line skate wheels for easy mobility
-easy to clean
-suitcase dimensions: 8 x 13 x 18
-easy to use push button adjustable handle

Soft Shell Luggage

Yodo Zoo 3-way Rolling Suitcase

-can be used as a handbag, as a backpack, or as a suitcase
-available in 7 different designs including a monkey, shark and owl
-11.8 x 6.1 x 15
-hide away wheel cover
-name & phone number tag sewn into the fabric
-can be used for a school bag, over night bag, for a day at the park, for vacation and so much more

Tilami Kids Rolling Backpack

-9 different designs/colors to choose from
-convenience of carrying as a backpack and rolling as a suitcase
-FIVE pockets for ultimate organization
– backpack dimensions: 12.9 x 8.3 x 18.9
-weight: 4.85 pounds
-pockets to tuck backpack straps when not in use

American Tourister Kids Softside

-suitcase dimensions: 19.48″ x 13.18″ x 7.87″
-6 disney themed designs
-10 year limited warranty
-zip pocket on top of the suitcase to tuck the adjustable handle away
-weight: 3.86 pounds
-large packing area on one side with cross straps to hold down contents. Mesh pocket on other side of the interior

Unique Designs

Animor Kids Travel Partner

-6 colors/designs to choose from
-20 L capacity
-easy steps turn the suitcase into a foot rest or travel bed
-children can ride on the suitcase, pull it by the strap, or an adult can use the strap to carry it over the shoulder
-the strap also allows parents to tow tired children along when they’re tired of walking
-can hold 50kg weight

Travel Tots Kids Trunk

-ride on suitcase with ergonomic design
-comes in 5 different colors/designs
-includes adjustable handle as well as safety strap
-comes in 20″ and 24″ sizes for different age groups
-water proof
-easy to clean
-built in zipper combination lock
-holds 50kg weight
-smaller trunk holds 20 L, larger trunk holds 35L

Kids Luggage Scooter

-this suitcase doubles as a scooter, makes walking through town or through the airport easier and fun for kids
-holds 20L
-easily adjust handle at the push of a button
-suitcase deminsions: 12.6″ X 10.7″ X 20.5″
-weight: 3.65kg
-load bearing capacity: 150kg

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