August 2019 Recap

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So, for the past two months I have wrote monthly updates about where I traveled to that month, what my life has been like, etc. However I couldn’t make myself post them, because for some reason I really couldn’t decide on if I wanted these monthly recaps on my blog or not. However, I love reading the monthly recaps that some of my favorite bloggers post every month, so I’m going for it! Maybe you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Plus, this is a great way to connect with you all. I want to share more of my life with you, other than just all of the places we travel to.

August Travels

Kentucky – Lexington, Cynthiana, Georgetown, Richmond, McKee, Berea

North Carolina – Fayetteville

South Carolina – McClellenville, Pawleys Island

I spent the beginning of August visiting family in Kentucky which was much needed! Another travel highlight of August was visiting Pawleys Island. I was completely unaware that this little coastal town in South Carolina even existed. It blew me away! The history, the haunted buildings, their beach.. it was all amazing. I love a good calm beach where my babies can play and run around without there being people everywhere. I played in the ocean with my girls for hours. It was such a refreshing trip.

Blog Posts This Month

Every month I set business/blog goals. This month I challenged myself to post TEN blog posts. With school starting and a month full of travel, that was a pretty big goal. But, I made it!

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A College Girls Guide to Universal and Disney
-a special guest post from Hannah!

9 Things I Learned From a Year of South Carolina Travel

9 Reasons To Stay Far Away From Kentucky

8 Super Helpful Tourist Apps

How to Visit North Carolina on a Budget

How to Visit South Carolina on a Budget

Family Travel in St. Augustine : A City Guide

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What I Read

I usually hope to read two books a month and this month I was able to read three within 7 days. I didn’t end up reading any more for the rest of the month, so it works out, haha!

The Foe by Ian Read
This is a really quick read, but an absolute mind bender. I still am a little confused as to what I think actually happened, who’s who, etc. This story is set in the near future. Junior and Henrietta live a simple life in the country and they enjoy it that way. Things started getting weird when a visitor pulled up their driveway. They never had visitors so their life really took a crazy turn when a man showed up at their house saying that Junior had been selected to travel very far away from Henrietta and their farm. To make things even more strange, the couple was informed that in order to keep Henrietta company while he was away, a special arrangement was made to keep her in “familiar company.” I 100% need to read this book again, it was great.

The Poison Thread by Laura Purcell
Another short, but thrilling read. This is a victorian novel follows two main characters. Dorthea who is a wealthy women who has a keen interest in Phrenology. Her interests have brought her to the OakGate Prison where she meets with women who in jail for terrible crimes. It’s at OakGate Prison that she meets Ruth Butterham. We also follow the story of young Ruth. We learn her sad story of a poor & trying childhood and how she came to believe that she is responsible for numerous crimes and murders of varying degrees. The author brings in elements of race, gender, education, social classes, and more. I love a surprise ending and this book really delivered.

The Passage by Justin Cronin
This is one of my favorite books to date. It’s a long read and the first book of three in the series. The book carries the stories of different people living in different areas of the country. It’s an elaborate and immersive book that really drew me in. The story begins by giving a back story to one of the main characters, a little girl named Amy. A security breach at a secret facility in the U.S. allows an insane virus to escape. Once infected with the virus people would either die or be turned into “virals.” FBI Agent Wolgast is sent to secure Amy’s escape and assure her safety. Amy ends up mostly alone, walking miles and miles through the decades with the secret that she has what it takes to save the world. We are also given the story of a group of people who stay alive by sticking together in their colony. Eventually some of the members of the colony decide to leave the colony with Amy on a mission to do what it takes to save the country from this gruesome nightmare.

What I Watched

Back in 2008 I watched Hulu for a short time and they really didn’t have any good movies on there so I was always a Netflix fan. But, this month I decided to get a membership. I’ve been watching Letterkenny. It’s so obnoxiously great. I hated the first episode, but now I’m sucked in. The show is set in a fictional town in Ontario where it follows the lives of these hicks, hockey players, and skids. Seriously, so funny. I’ve also been watching The Ranch on Netflix. I watched a few episodes at a friends house a while back and decided to start it for myself. I love Ashton Kutcher and I’m from the country so I relate to the show.

What I Listened To

I’ve been listening to a lot of Angèle lately. I’ve followed her on instagram for a while and I love her music videos, so I finally downloaded her Brol album. My favorite song right now is balance ton quoi. She’s gorgeous, I love the way she dresses, and her voice is beautiful. If you haven’t heard of her before, you should definitely check her out.

Most Popular Picture on Instagram

Photo from the beach at Fort Macon State Park, North Carolina

August Lows

Hurricane Dorian is coming our way. It looks like Dorian is going to scrape across the North Carolina Coast the first week of September. I hate that the people living on the coast are just now recovering from hurricane Florence last year and now they are being hit by another major hurricane. When we lived in Texas in 2017 we got hit by hurricane Harvey, then by Florence in 2018. I decided to evacuate both time. In 2017, because I was very pregnant and was afraid I would go into labor and not be able to get to help. In 2018, I left because we were under mandatory evacuation. This time, we are going to stay and ride it out.

I’m in a lot of pain from my wisdom teeth. They have been hurting me for some time but I’ll have to wait a few months to have them removed. Unfortunately, I need to wait until I can have a reliable babysitter for a couple days.

I was offline for a week this month! Where I’m from in Kentucky is the epitome of the boonies. No cell reception and no internet for a week. It was refreshing, but my website took a hit. I really hate that it happened and I don’t think I will let that happen again; I’ll travel to get wifi or something next time.

August Life Highlights

We had my youngest daughters 2nd birthday party on the 31st. Her birthday isn’t until the 4th but family came to visit and to celebrate her birthday early. Her little friends came over and she seemed to have had such a good time!

I finally had some much needed dental work done. Due to an accident that I had when I was 9 years old, I needed two root canals and two crowns put on my front two teeth. I’ve been putting the procedures off for the past year because we had terrible insurance and I couldn’t make myself pay for it. But, eventually the pain was too bad and I had to get it done. I feel so much better now!

School has started up again. Which is kind of a low for me, because I am sooo over school. I’m definitely ready to finish this last year and focus more on my business. I’m counting it as a positive though, because ONLY ONE MORE YEAR. I gotta look at the positive side of it. I’m thankful to finally be going back to school to finish my degree and I’m thankful it’s almost over with.

Last month on the 2nd, my Elsie girl turned 3. We were around A LOT of family and she got wayyy too many presents, it was insane. So what I did was, only left out half of her toys for her to open and I put the other half away for her to open later. One super busy August day came about and the girls wouldn’t leave me alone so I could work. So, I drug out the rest of those toys that Elsie never opened and they were in heaven. It was like Christmas for them and I was able to sit down and accomplish all things I needed to do. It was great, haha!

Future Plans

I don’t have any of my plans for the next month set in stone, but I have made a list of destinations that I want to travel to in the next four months before 2019 comes to end.

-Wilmington, North Carolina
-Asheville, North Carolina
-Greenville, South Carolina
-Bluffton, South Carolina
-Richmond, Virginia
-Williamsburg, Virginia
-Lynchburg, Virginia
-Norfolk, Virginia
-Savannah, Georgia,
-New Orleans, Louisiana

Blog & Business Goals

1. Have 100 blog posts on my site before 2020.
2. I just started an Instagram and I want to get my first 1000 followers before 2020.
3. Increase my monthly blog viewers by 500 a month before 2020.

I have a plan in place to accomplish these three main goals and I’m ready to crush it!

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Happy traveling!

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