My daughters and I spent three weeks in Kentucky spending time with family, attending weddings, and I also had several photoshoots scheduled as well. Y’all know how much I love photographing precious families and their babies! Of course while in the Bluegrass State I had to show my girls some of my favorite places I use to visit when I was a Kentuckian. One of the most kid friendly stops we made was at Evans Apple Orchard.

The orchard was a place I went to every year when I was in high school. In the fall, they have a pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple cider and all sorts of yummy fall treats. With Evans being so amazing in the fall, I never really considered going in the summer–so this was a first for me as well. The orchard is one of those few places where you can actually enjoy yourself in the same place that your kids are actually having a blast as well. Places like that are hard to come by, but Evans Orchard hit the nail on the head!

For The Babes

The farm is a kids wonderland. My girls were aged almost 3 and almost 2 at the time we went. Their favorites were the tire park, the duck races, and the play house! The play house was built up off the ground, shaded and was full of play kitchens and a pretend grocery store so it was a great place for them to cool down while still having fun. There are also playgrounds, a corn box, and bike track.

If you are wondering about what ages would enjoy the orchard.. I say everyone. In terms of playing I say ages up to 12, but teenagers may enjoy the orchard and shop the same way that adults do. I think it’s also important to mention the admission price to have fun at the farm. The entrance fee is $8 per child and an adult gets in free with the purchase of a child ticket. So a day at Evans is definitely worth the price!And children 2 and under are free! Pretty soon my kids will be too old to get in anywhere for free and it’s gonna be a sad sad day. But, until then… yay free admission!!!

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If we had our own house there are some of these things that I would love to have in our back yard! The duck race is so creative and it kept a group of attentive kids around it. The corn box is also a fantastic idea! My girls loved it and I think it would be amazing to have at home too! Better to have at home than a regular sand box because you wouldn’t have to worry about a cat making it their own litter box…

Moving on, haha. You can easily spend a whole day at Evans Orchard. Letting the kids play, eating lunch, walking and taking pictures through the rows of apple trees, picking berries, and shopping for homemade products in the store.. You really can’t go wrong with a trip to Evans.

This trip was more focused on the kids, so I missed out on walking through the apple trees and the berries. I would have loved to have had a little photo shoot in the between the rows, but my little babes were just having too much fun. And that’s totally okay. A year ago I would have drug them over there and made them be patient while I did the shoot, but I have been a little more focused on trying to give them time to be them, time to play and do the things they want more often.

Walking through an area they have no interest in AFTER they played their hearts out for hours… yeah that would definitely not work. Neither would have going over there first because they would have been dying to go play on all the fun stuff they saw. So, yes, my job is important. But, having my kids happy and learning, growing and exploring is just as important. After all, they are why I do what I do.

Shopping & More

The fruit and flower picking at Evans is superb. You can pick pumpkins, flowers, strawberries, blueberries, pears, and apples. When you first get to the orchard, stop by the store to pick up a bag for your picking and also an orchard map to help you find the different fruits in the orchard. Make sure you check their calendar online, here, before you go. You may be going at the time of a festival which depending on how you like to travel is either a good or a bad thing haha. Evans Apple Orchard is home to an apple festival, sunflower festival and a fireworks celebration in July.

One of the things I love about Evans is that they set up at farmers markets around Kentucky to sell their fresh vegetables and other products. They set up at the Scott County Farmers Market and in Lexington they set up at the Southland Drive and the Vine Street markets. The Sweet Apple Cafe and Bakery at Evans Apple Orchard makes and sells over 20,000 pies a year and they are delishhh.

Last, but not least is shopping at the market. Shopping at little markets were everything is homemade and especially when you can see where the ingredients come from is something I just adore! You can get baked goods, fresh produce, canned goods and so much more at the market. So much more that I wrote a separate post on all the yummy goodness that can be found there. You can read all about it, here.

Happy Traveling!

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