Let’s learn our colors through color sorting! This is my favorite way to teach toddlers colors, and to reinforce their colors as well. Gathering, sorting, and classifying all are crucial skills for little ones to learn because they help to develop our math, reasoning, problem solving and science skills down the road. Color sorting activities also help toddlers develop their language skills through labeling and pronunciation.

On top of all of these awesome benefits that color sorting has on little ones, theses activities are also perfect boredom busters! Sitting down new materials or toys on the table or in the floor always gets kids attention right away. Plus, new things keep their attention longer than things they see everyday. So, let’s get started entertaining your little ones and teaching them some crucial skills at the same time!

9 Ways To Teach Toddlers Colors

1. Toy Color Sort

For this activity, you can have your toddler(s) collect toys in a bucket or box of some sort and bring them into the living-room. Lay out the toys and the different construction paper colors together. Then, start sorting!

2. Cupcake Liner Pom Pom Sort

I love this activity as it also helps develop fine motor skills. You can order these jumbo tweezers for kids on Amazon, HERE. I’ve also seen them at our local dollar store before, so you can check there as well!

3. Ball Sort

Put all of those ball pit balls to another use in this color sorting activity!

4. DUPLO Lego Sort

I LOVE DUPLO. I was way late getting on the DUPLO train, but I’m so glad we have them. We use them for so many different things, including learning colors. You can find a basic set of DUPLO legos, HERE.

5. Paper Plate Toy Sort

6. Clothes Pin Color Wheel

7. Color Pipe Cleaner Drop

8. Popsicle Stick Color Matching

9. Cupcake Liner Bead Sort

If you get the chance to try any of these color sorting activities to teach your toddlers colors, leave a comment below–I love hearing from you!

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