A great way to make your stay in another city or country easier is by being prepared. How can you enjoy yourself if you don’t have the resources you need to help you through everything that travel throws your way? A simple solutions is to download a few tourist apps that can help you trip go smoother.

When you are on vacation, you should be able to relax while you travel. However, getting around in a country or a city you’ve never been to can be super stressful. From finding a ride to your next activity, booking a hotel, translating your menu to converting currency- here’s a list of 8 super helpful tourist apps that will help you on your next adventure.

Sky Scanner

Use Sky Scanner to compare prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Simply set your destination, dates, and how many travelers, then sit back while the app does the work for you. Sky Scanner is a free app and is safe as safe to use as other comparison app, such as Kayak. However, in most cases the app is simply referring you to another site for you to book through, so they aren’t actually taking your money directly.

C/F Convert

This is another free app and it’s very simple to use. When you are planning on traveling abroad and need to convert the temperature, this app will give you a quick and easy answer. This is perfect for when you are researching what time of the year to visit a country or for when you are checking the weather in the next city you plan on visiting while you are on vacation.

Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

When you open the Currency Foreign Exchange Rate app, it will look like a calculator. Hit the settings icon at the bottom to set what two currencies you want to exchange between. If you have amount you want to convert just type that amount in and press the equal size. Other than the app being free, the best part of this app is that the calculator is there for you to do all your adding and converting in one place.

Google Maps

The cream of the crop when it comes to mobile maps. What makes Google Apps better than other map and route making apps is their wealth of information, the fact that you can share locations with others, and you can switch between modes of transportation.

Air B n B

Air B n B is super popular now days and for good reason. Why pay $200 a night for a hotel in the city center when you can rent a whole apartment for yourself in a convenient location for just $60 a night? Not only can you book accommodations through the app, you can also browse through walking tours, experiences, and the best restaurants around the city you’re staying in. Plus, you can always find an Air B n B discount code online.


Uber is a great way to save some while traveling around a new city by using UberPool. Another benefit to using Uber is that it is easily assessable. You may not always know how to get to a bus stop or if that bus will be on time, you may not be able to find any taxis, but you can easily call up an Uber from your phone. Plus, it’s available in 60+ countries.


This is a great app for finding accommodation. (great to use in Asia) The app is free and reliable. Agoda is owned by the same company that owns Priceline.com and Booking.com. A benefit of booking through Agoda is that you can sign up to receive emails when a hotel you are wanting to book lowers their prices.

Google translate

I use the Google Translate app all the time. It is free, super fast, and allows me to take pictures in app or upload pictures to the app for translation as well as typing in what I want translated. This is a simple and quick way for when you’re reading a menu or instructions in another language.

Do you have any of these tourist apps on your phone already? If you’ve had any incredible and bad experiences with any of these, we’d love to hear about it!

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