68+ Things To Do Indoors With Toddlers

Stuck inside? I’ve got you covered with these 68+ things to do indoors with toddlers. Somedays there’s nothing I want more than to be able to cook dinner and know that my toddlers are entertained and doing something safe or to be able to entertain them for just thirty minutes so I can watch an episode of my show. If you are in the same boat, try out some of these indoor activities!

Things To Do Indoors With Toddlers

Paint New Surfaces
Toddlers love new things. Instead of paper, try painting on canvas, newspaper, paper plates, old wrapping paper and other things you can find around the house.

Rainbow Forest
Create colorful hanging forest vines for your kids to walk through using crepe paper.

DIY Movie Theatre
Turn your living-room into a movie theatre by watching a new movie, buying some boxed candy and a couple fun reusable popcorn containers

Build a Blanket Fort
Make it even more fun by adding a strand of lights and play a movie inside the fort.

Play With Sidewalk Chalk

Play With Playing Cards

Get Crafty
Try one of these crafts using cotton balls, cheerios, paper plates, and other items that you can find around the house.

15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
13 Seriously Adorable Cotton Ball Crafts For Kids
35+ Paper Plate Crafts
9+ Crepe Paper Crafts For Kids
Kids Crafts Using Cheerios

DIY Photoshoot
Use props from your house and create different scenes for a photoshoot. You can make a beach theme, a restaurant, a classroom, etc.

Water Play
Fill a bucket, tote, mixing bowl, or some other basin that you have at home with water and let your toddler(s) play with ladles, small cups, etc. for an at home water day.

Toddlers love to help; take advantage of this trait before it’s gone by letting them help you dust tables and the clean the windows.

Obstacle Course
A few ideas for your indoor obstacle course:

  • use masking tape on the floor as a balance beam
  • hula hoops to jump through
  • cups to weave through like traffic cones
  • chairs or cardboard box to use a tunnels

Car Tunnels
Use masking tape and construction paper to make tunnels for your toddler(s) small toy cars.

Toddler Exercise Videos
Try one of these exercise videos with your toddler(s):
Exercise, rhyme, and freeze
Brain break exercise song for kids

Toddler Yoga Videos
Try one of these yoga videos that are great for little ones:
Popcorn and pirates yoga
On the farm yoga and nursery rhymes

Toddler Dance Along Videos
Try one of these dance along videos for young kids:
Shake your sillies out
Zumba kids easy dance

Learn Something New
Take this time inside with your toddler to learn something new. Here are a few ideas to get your started!
9 Color Sorting Activities For Toddlers
17 Super Fun Learning Activities For Toddlers

Decorate Cupcakes

Play With Balloons
Sometimes simply handing your toddler a balloon keeps them occupied for way longer than you could’ve imagined. You can also mix it up a little bit by playing a game.

Try having a balloon race where you walk a set distance with a balloon between your knees without dropping it. For younger kids, you’ll need to blow the balloon up only slightly. You can also play the tried and true, “keep the balloon from falling” game. Simply tap, kick, punch the balloon upwards, keeping it from falling to the ground.

Sundae Bar
Create an at home sundae bar for you and your little one, complete with different flavors of ice cream, fun bowls, and their favorite toppings.
Some topping ideas: m&m’s, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, cookie pieces, nuts, strawberries, blueberries, and sour candies.

Sensory Bins
Check out the Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Ideas to spark your creativity at home.

Play With Bubbles

Try Face Painting
ACTUALLY easy cheek face painting ideas for toddlers

Wrap Toys
Use newspaper, old wrapping paper, tissue paper, etc. and let your toddler(s) wrap their toys or household objects like they’re wrapping birthday presents.

Trace Their Body
Use old wrapping paper, a large piece of cardboard, or white banner paper to chase your toddlers whole body. Then, let them color and draw their clothes, hair, etc.

Live Aquarium Feeds
Live Sea Otter Cam
Live Open Sea cam
Live Penguin Cam
Live Coral Reef Cam

Live Zoo Feeds
Live Elephant Cam
Live Butterfly Cam
Live Polar Bear Cam

Make Fun Pancakes Together
You can try one of these 13 ways to make your pancakes more exciting!

Homemade Play-doh
This YouTube video from Sea Lemon gives a great DIY play-doh example.

Bottle Bowling
Use empty plastic bottles and a ball to create a bowling alley right in your living-room. If this is too easy or the ball you have is too heavy for empty bottles, fill them with water to make it a little more challenging.

Homemade Pizzas
Make dinner while also entertaining your toddler(s). I have to make several trips to the living-room to make sure my girls are okay while I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner. Letting them help gives you a piece of mind while you cook.

Card Slot Drop
Cut slits in the top of a plastic lid of a container or in the top of a cardboard box. Then, give your little one playing cards to drop down through the slot.

Make Binoculars
Save your paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tubes! Tape them together side by side to use as binoculars. Then, let your little one decorate, use a hole punch on the sides, and run yarn or ribbon through the holes to hand the binoculars around their neck.

Make Jewelry
Try one of these easy ways to make bracelets and necklaces with your toddler. You can use yarn, twine, or embroidery floss for the string. Then string cereal with holes, beads, or noodles with holes onto the string.

Make Fun Snacks Together
Find more Easy Snack Ideas here.

Beneficial and a boredom buster!

Stack Cups
Use plastic or styrofoam cups to build a tower or build a bridge for the toys to cross over.

Draw with Markers on Cardboard

Cardboard Box Tunnel

Pretend Play Doctor or Dentist

Color Wonder
I hate regular “washable” markers; I find I have to practically scrub skin off while trying to get it off my toddlers hands. So, Color Wonder markers are a huge favorite in our house.

Indoor Masking Tape Hopscotch

You can use masking tape to tape out a game of hopscotch on carpet or hard floors at home.

The Floor is Lava
Play “the floor is lava” by putting pieces of construction paper, pillows, blankets, and paper plates on the floor for your toddler(s) to jump between.

Paint with Water
Use water and paint brushes to paint on cardboard. This is something different than normal paint, which will get your toddlers attention. Plus, it doesn’t make as much of a mess.

Play iSpy
I spy with my little eye….
Something yellow, blue, green
Something soft, big, small

Guess What’s in the Box
Use an empty tissue box or a cardboard box with a hole in cut in the side for this activity. Put in different items and have your little one reach their hand in and guess what’s inside. You can also use a tote bag or backpack in lieu of a box.

Play With Bubble Wrap

Make a Crepe Paper Tunnel

You can use crepe paper taped to both walls of a hallway to make a tunnel for your little ones to run through and play in.

Bath Paint
We use Crayola bath paints at home and we travel with them as well.

Car Washing Station
Set up a toy car washing station on the kitchen table. Fill one bowl with soapy water and another with clean water to rinse the cars. Give sponges, scrub brushes, and toothbrushes to wash with and a wash cloth to dry.

Laundry Basket Ball
Use masking tape to mark lines on the floor. Have your toddler try to throw bean bags or small balls into a laundry basket by standing at the different tape markers on the floor.

Masking Tape Town
Tape out parking places, roads, and buildings on the floor using masking tape to create a town for your toddler to play in using their little toy people and cars.

Trace Their Hands & Feet

Paint w/ Different Objects
Toddlers love new and different things. Entertain your little one(s) by using one of these household objects instead of a paint brush: cotton balls, fork, sponge, tooth brush, feather, leaves, or scrunched up paper.

Hide & Seek

Hokey Pokey

Indoor Scavenger Hunts
You can find 5 FREE SCAVENGER HUNTS here.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Simon Says
Simon Says ideas for toddler: jump up and down, shake your body, walk on your knees, pretend to ride on a horse, show off your muscles on your arms, etc.

Red Light, Green Light
Make up your own rules using as many colors as you like. Some Ideas:

Red Light: Stop
Green Light: Go
Yellow Light: Crawl
Purple Light: Hop

Potato Stamps
Cut a potato in half, then cut shapes into the flat part of the potato. Dip the potato into paint and stamp away.

Egg Race
Balance a plastic egg on a wooden spoon and have a race down the hallway.

Sack Race
Use a pillow case and have a sack race down the hallway.

Make Paper Chains
Cut construction paper into strips, form into a circle and tape together. See how long you can make your paper chain!

Activity Jar
On piece of paper or popsicle sticks, write different physical activities on each one. Place them in a jar or cup and have your toddler(s) draw one and perform whatever task is written. Ideas for your activity jar: do 5 jumping jacks, go and find your teddy bear, crawl like a crab, make elephant noises, etc.

Hallway Catwalk
Turn your hallway into a runway. Turn the lights off and use flash lights like runway lights. Let your toddler dress up in whatever clothes they like or in their dress up clothes and put on a show.

Baking Soda & Vinegar
One of my girls favorite activities to date. What you need: muffin tin, baking soda, food coloring, vinegar, and medicine dropper. Put a few drops of food coloring in each hole in the muffin tin. Cover with a tablespoon of baking soda. Then, let your toddler use the medicine dropper to suck up some vinegar and drop it into a hole and watch the color bubble up!

Cookie Cutter Play
Play with cookie cutters in sand, rice, sugar, or any other similar substance you have at home.

Draw Yourself
Draw yourself and encourage your toddler(s) to draw him/herself as well.

I hope these 68+ things to do indoors with toddlers sparks your creativity. Have a blast with your little one and if you try any of these, leave a comment below; I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. O my goodness, this is just what I needed to keep our four year old busy and happy. We love painting rocks and seashells, it’s one of Ericeiras favorite activities. Car tunnels are absolutely amazing, something we can try tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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