Relationships are fun right? At first, you can’t stop smiling. You want to be with the other person all the time. Then, you can’t even bring yourself to hang up the phone! right? Well, time changes people. As a result, relationships can become just a fact over time. You just go through the motions of doing life together and can forget about how important quality time together truly is.

When you’re in a relationship it is so important spend time alone together outside of your everyday lives. Especially if you have children. Children change everything. One of the hardest things for me as a mom is balance. I don’t mean with the normal tasks of life (although that can be difficult too), but with my mental balance. Why can’t my mom brain and my wife brain seem to coexist?

I feel like I am in fall mode all day long, then when they finally go to sleep I can enter into work mode. Not that work mode that I enter in and out of through out the day, but the uninterrupted, no crying in the background kind of work mode. Then it’s midnight and I have to get some sleep! So when is my brain ever in wife mode? Why does it have to be so hard for me to care for my husband, my kids, my self, school work, regular life stuff, and my business?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just be super productive while maintaining all of our relationships effortlessly?

Personally, my love language is quality time. I need freakin’ attention people, ha! So, a getaway like the one we took to Virginia was so precious to me. Alone time with my man away from our children and family is so beneficial to our relationship. Being away from work, life, and kids wasn’t half bad either.

Follow along and I’ll show you five reasons why you and your significant other need a Virginia getaway. After all, Virginia is for lovers, right?

1. Being outdoors is good for the soul

Virginia is an outdoorsman paradise. Whether or not you are an outdoors-y person, enjoying what Virginia has to offer will benefit you. Spending time outdoors can strengthen your immunity, sharpen your focus, relieve stress, and calm your mind. Relieving stress and calming your minds together as a couple can only benefit your relationship.

2.) Alone time strengthens relationships

Spending time away from our kids, family, and friends is another way to strengthen your bond. When you are alone together you can think about problems you have at home in a different light. You can see things more clearly when you step away from your normal day to day life and have more “aha” moments. One you spend some time alone together you can go back to work, your family, etc. feeling like a better version of yourself. In other words, you now have an excuse to get away from yours in-laws.

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3.) The Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Suffolk, Virginia is home to one of the northern most swamps in the United States. The Refuge is whats remaining of what once was a vast habitat covering over a million acres of Virginia. We enjoyed a canoe trip down the water, watching otters play on the banks and large herons fly along with us. After that, we stopped for lunch by the water. If you’re lucky you may even get see some white tail deer and black bears while you’re there.

4. ) Hiking Opportunities

During your trip a stop in the mountains is a must. Virginia is in the Appalachian Mountain Range, making it perfect for hiking. A couple that hikes together, stays together. That’s our motto. We have been on all kinds of hiking adventures and have made many mistakes out in the woods along the way. Above all, it has only made us stronger. Virginia doesn’t leave you at loss when looking for a place to hike. But, if you want some help, I recommend the little known, Breaks Interstate Park. Home to the Grand Canyon of the South. You can read about my time spent in the Breaks, HERE.

5.) The Beaches

Although Virginia doesn’t have as many coastal miles as other states, you will find a variety of beaches all with their own personality. Theres beaches for shell hunting, beaches for sight seeing, beaches for spotting wild horses, beaches for… well you catch my drift. On our couples getaway we chose to go to Virginia Beach. For us it was an easy choice because it was conveniently located close to the Dismal Swamp. Additionally, Virginia beach is close to the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay is a perfect place to dig you down oysters, enjoy calm waters, and have a romantic dinner at sunset.

Bonus Restaurant Recommendations

I wanted to throw in some great restaurants that will add a lot to every couples getaway to Virginia. I love trying out new restaurants and what better way to do so than with your significant other.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille
For a stop for seafood on the beach, Waterman’s is great choice!

Repeal Burgers and Bourbon
A speakeasy style restaurant with American dishes and a wide selection of beer. This is another great choice if you visit Virginia Beach.

Le Yaca French Restaurant
If you love french cuisine the way I do, Le Yaca is the place for you! They are located in Williamsburg and are much more refined restaurant choice.

The Roosevelt
A homey restaurant serving scrumptious southern dishes, craft cocktails, and Virginia wines.

Virginia is a state that I think is often overlooked and considered boring. What is there to even do in Virginia, right? I wish I could fully explain how calming and helpful a couples getaway to Virginia really is. This beautiful state is full of adventure and opportunity. In short, Virginia is the perfect couples getaway destination. Ready to pack up and head out?

Have you taken a couples getaway to Virginia?  Leave me a comment below to tell me what I missed out on while we were there!

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