Are your kids bored? I have the best idea to entertain your little ones! Take off on foot or hop in the car and take a drive around the neighborhood while doing one of these free neighborhood scavenger hunts for kids.

All of these scavenger hunts work best for while younger children. Simply click the download button above each scavenger hunt to download the printable for yourself!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts For Kids

1. Hunt By Shape

2. Hunt By Letter

3. Hunt By Color

4. Hunt By Object

5. Hunt By Description

Fun Facts About Kids Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts allow children to practice their problem solving and communication skills. While your kiddos are exercising their minds, they’re exercising their bodies as well.

Kids learn best through play and a scavenger hunt that has your children searching for shapes, letters, etc. is a wonderful way to teach or reinforce these learning topic.

I hope you enjoyed these neighborhood scavenger hunts for kids! If you and your little one(s) get to try one of these out for yourselves, let me know in the comment below. I love hearing from you!

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