There’s nothing worse than when you and your kids are dying to get out of the house, but can’t. It can be hard to entertain young kids on days when you’re stuck at home. Try doing one of these indoor scavenger hunts for kids as a family next time your kids say that dreaded phrase.. “I’m bored!”

These scavenger hunts work best for young children under 7 years old. Simply click the download button above each hunt to download the printable for yourself.

Find Something That Is…

Hunt By Number

Hunt By Object

Hunt By Letter

Hunt By Shape

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Scavenger hunts can be great entertainers for young kids, but they have other beneficial impacts on kids as well. When doing a scavenger hunt with other kids, your child will advance their teamwork capabilities as well as business and negotiation skills. They also give you an opportunity to bond with your child and it’s a great opportunity for them to exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

I hope you enjoy these indoor scavenger hunts for kids! If you and your little one(s) use these scavenger hunts, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Bonus Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

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