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4 Heavenly Sweet Shops In Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is definitely not lacking in places that will satisfy your sweet tooth. I spent my birthday in Savannah this year and in lieu of a birthday cake, we catered to our need for birthday sweetness by sweet shop hopping in Savannah’s Historic District. Here are four seriously heavenly sweet shops in Savannah, Georgia.

1. Marche De Macarons

This little sweet shop on Abercorn Street sells macarons with a southern twist. They offer flavors like key lime, Georgia peach, bananas foster, and red velvet. This shop may be small, but it’s also really popular.

When we got to the shop, we were the only people in line, but while we ordered the line grew and grew until people had to line up outside the shop. I love that their flavors are unique and have a southern twist — it adds to the deep south atmosphere of Savannah.

We tried the Jasmine Passionfruit, S’mores, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. All three were super tasty, but if I were to go I would probably get all S’mores flavor. They are the kind of delicious that makes you shut your eyes so you can enjoy the flavor without distraction.

2. Savannah Candy Kitchen

If you are looking for some delectable chocolate in Savannah, the Savannah Candy Kitchen has every thing you could want. They have chocolate covered rice krispy treats, s’mores, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered Oreo’s, truffles, fudge, chocolate bark, and chocolate covered marshmallows, pretzels, and apples. The list goes on and on.

You’ll also be able to satisfy your want for regular sweet candies like skittles, rock candy, and sour goodies. They have a huge wall FULL of candy that is self serve. If you are wanting something slightly more savory you can browse their popcorn selection. They have your regular flavored popcorns like buttery and white cheddar, then they also have some unique ones that are bursting with flavor as well. Flavors like pizza, Louisiana cajun, and fire cheddar can’t be bought just anywhere, but they can at the Savannah Candy Kitchen.

After a few laps around the shop we decided to get the white chocolate Oreo bark and the milk chocolate s’mores square. They BOTH WERE AMAZING! I would get them both again if we go back to the shop.

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3. Leopold’s Ice Cream

No doubt, the most popular sweet shop in Savannah is Leopold’s Ice Cream. They have been serving up deliciousness for a century, have yummy unique flavors, and received the certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor in 2018.

Their freezer are full of flavors like coconut, pistachio, honey almond, and lemon custard. You’ll also see decadent cupcakes decorated to look like an ice cream cone was dumped on top. My girls and I went with the chocolate chip ice cream and we were not disappointed.

4. The Paris Market

Last, but not least is The Paris Market. Not only can you buy sweet delicacies, but you can also shop all kinds of french loveliness. Books, hand bags, jewelry, make-up, stuffed animals, trinkets, and more! The exterior of the shop is beautiful and really stands out from the surrounding area.

Let’s talk sweets & eats.

The selection at The Paris Market is to die for. You can grab lunch and dessert here and eat it in their gorgeous sitting area. Although everything looked lovely, we were there on a a mission to try the most scrumptious sweetness they had to offer.

I knew I wanted to try their macarons; partially because I was there to eat my heart out on sugar and partially because I wanted to compare The Paris Market macarons to Marche De Macarons’. The Paris Market had flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate covered strawberry, lemon, peach and pistachio.

We had raspberry, creamsicle, and chocolate ganache. Another win for Savannah sweet shops — they all three were scrummy! Price wise, three macarons at The Paris Market and three macarons at Marche De Macarons were both $7 and come change. Taste wise, neither sweet shop truly out shone the other. I do have to say though, that the s’mores macaron from Marche De Macaron was by far my favorite.

I would return to the Paris Market for the shopping, variety of eats, and their gorgeous seating area. And I would go to Marches De Macaron again for their s’mores macaron. You really can’t lose though, both shops were magnificent.

Savannah is the a good choice of a travel destination for a lot of reasons, and now you have one more reason to add to your list of reasons to visit this glorious old city. Happy traveling!

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  1. I will really have to visit these places to satisfy my sweet tooth! Downtown Savannah just has so much fun stuff to offer! The restaurants and shops! The hotels featured on these all add to making it the best Vacation destination ever!

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