Ready to mix things up? Sometimes it gets so hard to come up with new dinner ideas. You either get stuck eating the same three things with a few “fend for yourself” nights thrown in or you end up spending way too much on eating out. Stop the cycle and make meal planning easy as pie. Boost your creativity with one of these awesome themed dinner ideas!

  1. Back to school
  2. Camping Themed
  3. Event Night (circus themed, music festival themed, etc.)
  4. Pancake/Waffle Bar
  5. Oktoberfest
  6. Nacho Bar
  7. Decades Night (70’s, 80’s, etc. make it more fun by dressing up!)
  8. Indian Cuisine
  9. Chili Night
  10. Eat the rainbow (make sure there are foods of every color on the table)
  11. Mexican Night
  12. Hibachi
  13. Irish Night (shepherds pie, colcannon, corned beef, etc.)
  14. Steakhouse
  15. Party Foods
  16. Seafood
  17. Movie Night (make foods from your favorite movie or show)
  18. Italian Night
  19. On the Grill Night
  20. Stir Fry
  21. American south (fried chicken, greens, fried green tomatoes, etc.)
  22. Burger Night
  23. Wraps (buffalo chicken wraps, ham and cheese, etc.)
  24. Thai Food Night
  25. French Cuisine (Onion soup, Ratatouille, etc.)
  26. Sushi Night
  27. Breakfast For Dinner
  28. Japan Cuisine (tempura, miso soup, sashimi, etc.)
  29. Pizza Party
  30. Meatless Monday
  31. Mediterranean (hummus, moussaka, falafel, etc.)
  32. Sandwich Bar (present different fixings, including different breads)
  33. Soup Night
  34. Salad Bar
  35. Taco Tuesday
  36. Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

You can use themed dinner nights simply to keep things new and to keep you from eating out so much, but they’re also a great way to mark special occasions. Having people over for dinner? Make it a salad bar. Celebrating a graduation? Make it a waffle bar. The ideas are endless.

If you use any of these themed dinner ideas, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear how it turned out!

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