28 of The Best Things To Do In Kitty Hawk With Kids

If you’ve been looking for the best things to do in Kitty Hawk with kids, you’ve come to the right place! Kitty Hawk is best known for being the place where the Wright Brothers first took flight in 1903 and over the decades it has become one of the favorite cities in the Outer Banks. These 28 things to do in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina will add so much fun to a trip to the Outer Banks.

Many of the visitors to the Outer Banks comment on some of the unusual names that the towns have there. Kitty Hawk is one of them. It is said that it is derived from the Native American name for hunting geese, “Killy Honker.” Although no one can be 100% sure, the name of the town first showed up on English maps in the early 1700’s as “Chickahawk”; however, by the late 1700’s land deeds referred to settlements in the area as “Kitty huk” and “Kitty Hark”, and eventually, “Kitty Hawk.”

Whether you’re looking for a calm beach vacation, a family fun packed trip, or an adventurous outdoor trip–Kitty Hawk, has something for everyone. It may be small, but it’s obvious why Kitty Hawk has become so popular among Outer Banks visitors.

Is Kitty Hawk Worth Visiting?

If you are wondering you should make a stop in Kitty Hawk while in the Outer Banks, the answer is an overwhelming yes! It’s a beautiful town that you are sure to fall in love with!

What Is There To Do In Kitty Hawk?

There are tons of activities and places to see! Whether you’re an adventure traveler, someone looking for experiences in nature, a foodie, or a history buff, you can find your place in Kitty Hawk.

28 Things To Do In Kitty Hawk With Kids

Kitty Hawk Pier

Take a walk out on the pier, sit and enjoy the ocean breeze, or try your luck at fishing off the end.

Monument to a Century of Flight

Fourteen stainless steel wing-shaped pylons stand raised between 10 to 20 feet and organized in a 120 feet circle symbolizing the length of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Kitty Hawk Kayak and Surf School

Rent a stand up paddleboard or kayak from Kitty Hawk Kayak and Surf school to paddle around the sound.

Sandy Run Park

This is a super cute little area of Kitty Hawk. A short walk through a wooded area leads you to a series of boardwalks over a marshy area on Kitty Hawk. If you are on a budget, a visit to Sandy Run Park is one of the best free things to do in Kitty Hawk with kids.

Kitty Hawk RV Park

Hotels and beach cottages are great but, spending a night camping is always a great way to spend time in a new area.

Candy and Corks

Indulge your sweet tooth and buy scrumptious fudge and candies from Candy and Corks.

Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve

This is a great place to do some hiking and fishing. Plus, it’s a really popular place for kayakers as well.

Stack Em’ High Pancakes

Grab yourself a huge stack of pancakes, delectable french toast covered in fruit and powdered sugar, or try a traditional biscuits n’ gravy with grits. When you have a day full of things to do in Kitty Hawk with kids, getting bellies full of a delicious coastal breakfast is the way to go!

Avalon Pier

This pier is on a super flat and expensive beach making it a perfect place to visit with young kids.

Mom’s Sweet Shop

This is a one-stop-shop for travelers. Lose your shoes to the waves? Got a sweet tooth? Want to grab a few souvenirs? Mom’s Sweet Shop has you covered for all of those things and more.

Kitty Hawk Beach

Fill your day with a little R n’ R on the Kitty Hawk. Build sandcastles with your kids, take a dip, or read a book while you soak up some vitamin D.

Wright Brothers Multi-Use Path

Not only a great place to enjoy a nature walk, but this path is also one of the best spots in Kitty Hawk to watch the sunrise/sunset.

Holy Redeemer By The Sea

If you’re religious you may like to attend a service or visit the Holy Redeemer church by the ocean!

Island Bookstore

Fuel up with snacks and drinks from the Island Bookstore. Then, buy yourself an easy reading book, and your ready for a day on the beach.

Coastal Kayak Touring Company

If you are new to kayaking or just new to Kitty Hawk, taking a tour with the Coastal Kayak Touring Company would be perfect for you.

Rent A Bike

It’s super popular to get around Kitty Hawk via bicycle. Take part in this city tradition and rent a bike to see the city in a more personal way.

Outer Bean Cafe

Fuel up for your fun-packed day in Kitty Hawk with a coffee from Outer Bean Cafe. Trying out the goodies at this cafe is one of the best things to do in Kitty Hawk with kids.

Hotline Thrift Store

Immerse yourself in a beach town thrifting experience. Thrifting in a travel destination is something my family and I like to do. It’s a unique way to see what a town is like and you can often find souvenir-type t-shirts for a low price.

Fishing Charters

This is a really popular way to spend time along the North Carolina coast. You can hire a fishing charter to take you out saltwater fishing. There’s a lot of sheepshead, small mullets, largemouth bass, flounder, and shellfish off the coast of Kitty Hawk.

Things To Do In Kitty Hawk With Kids Continued

Paradise Golf and Arcade

What would a beach vacation be without a stereotypical trip to the local arcade and mini-golf? It’s the quintessential American beach vacation activity. Paradise Golf and Arcade is one of the most kid friendly things to do in Kitty Hawk.

Outer Banks Yoga Studio

Recenter yourself with yoga in a little beach town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Yes and Yes!

Big Buck’s Homemade Ice Cream

Indulge your sweet tooth with homemade ice cream flavors or banana split from Big Buck’s!

Kitty Hawk’s Super Wings

Another quintessential American beach vacation activity. Super Wings is one of those massive multi-level souvenir shops where you can buy everything from city t-shirts to bathings suits and weird little seashells with googly eyes glued on. 😛

Wright Brothers Mural

The Wright Brother Mural is on North Croatan Highway and is the best spot for a street art vacation photo op.

Brew Thru

The Brew Thru is NOT just for alcohol, you can actually buy souvenirs, snacks, and nonalcoholic beverages at this drive-thru store in Kitty Hawk. If you aren’t from the area, a drive through this tore can be a unique experience, giving you a fun story to share when you get home.

Wright Brother’s Garage Monument

Up your knowledge about the Wright Brothers and the town of Kitty Hawk at the Wright Brother’s Garage Monument. This monument is one of the best Kitty Hawk attractions for those interested in learning about the history of Kitty Hawk.

Hayman Park

One of my favorite ways to save money while traveling is to picnic in different parks and scenic areas. Hayman Park is a great place to stop off for a picnic!

Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill

If you are wanting to visit some of the best restaurants in Kitty Hawk, you’ll want to head to the Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill. This restaurant serves seafood with a Latin twist. Grab a margarita and get your shrimp on!

I hope this list helps you get started on an awesome trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. If you have any questions about the area, just drop them in the comments below. 🙂 Which of these things to do in Kitty Hawk with kids will you do first?

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