My love for paper plate crafts for kids keep growing. They love them so much and I love spending time together making all kinds of fun things! It started with a simple rainbow craft and now we are drowning in crafty paper plate goodness! When I wrote this post, I had 27 crafts to share; that number has since continued to increase. :-p

We’ve made marine animals, zoo animals, movie characters, foods, aliens and more. Some are very easy and will be great for toddlers and some will require a little more adult support or will work best for older children. There’s something here for everyone!

Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

Buzzing Bumble Bee

Uber Umbrellas

Lovely Lady Bird


Smiley Earth

Friendly Lion

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Juicy Watermelon

Add Your Own Toppings Pizza

Donut Mind If I Do

Macaroni Art

Minion Me

Hungry Goldfish

Bouncing Beach Ball

Daddy Shark


Captain America

A stranger…

Pom Pom Earth

Oink Oink

Chubby Bumble Bee

Yarn Earth

Hungry Frog

Watermelon Fan

Tip: Cutting the paper plates is super quick and easy if you use an X-Acto knife. Of course, scissors don’t necessarily take a lot of time to use, but using the X-Acto knife has made cutting out the shapes and stuff needed for certain crafts a lot easier!

Roswell Tourist

Tip: For the lights on the UFO, you can use fruit loops, cheerios, sequins, or buttons as well!

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana

Puffer Fish

Turtley Awesome

On The Beach

Tip: Add beach themed stickers to the sand to make this craft even cuter!

Little Red Car

My Puns Are Koala Tea


Tip: Add red feathers over the red plate to make this craft more realistic!

Little Yellow School Bus


Monkeyin’ Around

I hope you enjoyed these paper plate crafts for kids & I hope you and your little one(s) get a chance to make a few together as well! If you make any of them, drop a comment below. I’d love to see you masterpieces!

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