Evans Apple Orchard is incredible place to visit with a lot to offer, but shopping in their store is my favorite! What can I say, I love seeing where my food comes from and I love buying homemade. It’s also a great opportunity to buy local instead of shopping at a popular grocery store. I prefer shopping at farmers markets, buying local, etc. to shopping at my local grocery store because typically the products are far less processed and incredibly fresh.

Buying from Evans Apple Orchard also lets me support the local economy, get social with the locals, while protecting the environment at the same time. Getting delicious, unique produce and products is always possible at Evans Apple Orchard. You have a larger variety of products to choose from as well. How many different LOCAL flavors of salsa does your go-to grocery store have? Do they have salsa that is made and canned on location by the farmers that grew the produce used in the salsa? Probably not.

I encourage you to take a look around at the Evans Apple Orchard market, talk with one of the friendly employees and immerse yourself into the local culture by trying some delicious local cuisine.

Here are fifteen of the most delicious things to buy while at Evans Apple Orchard. (some you can even pick yourself!


At Evans, you can get delicious salsa hand made with ingredients they grow on the farm. They have your typical spicy salsa as well as unique ones such as apple, orange, and peach!

2. Blueberry Muffins or Blueberry Muffin Mix

Head to Evans Apple Orchard for some fresh homemade blueberry muffins. Or if you prefer to bake your treats yourself, simply pick up a box of their homemade blueberry muffin mix.

3. Pies

Evans makes over 20,000 pies a year in a variety of flavors! Pick up a whole caramel apple nut, homemade apple, peach or pecan pie for twenty dollars each.

4. Apple Cider

In the fall when everyone comes to pick their pumpkins for Halloween, it’s the perfect time to get a cup of apple cider to warm you up.

5. Apple Crisp Mix

A box of homemade apple crisp mix is the perfect treat to whip at home for those chilly autumn days.

6. Fudge

Ever notice how it seems like every little shop you go to in America it seems like they have home made fudge for sell? Yeah, we love it! The fudge is made fresh in their cafe and samples are free. Evans had a great selection of fudges, but we ended up choosing Dark Chocolate with Walnuts and the tried and true Cookies and Cream. Both delicious!

7. June Apples

June apples can be bought in most of the summer and are great for cooking delicious apple desserts such as apple crisp, apple dumplings, or apple pies!

8. Pumpkins

Evans Apple Orchard is super popular during the autumn season. They host a Harvest Festival from September 14-October 31 where you can experience a haunted corn maze, pumpkin picking, hay rides, and more. So grab a wheel barrel and go load up with pumpkins for jack-o-lantern carving or baking delicious pumpkin desserts.

9. Fresh Vegetables

The vegetables from Evans are pristine and so fresh. They sell cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and much more!

10. Barbecue Sauces

I love that Evans Apple Orchard has barbecue sauce from Red State Barbecue. Red State is a barbecue restaurant with locations only in Kentucky. You can pick up their delicious signature sauces while you are shopping for your local produce at the orchard!

11. Apple Cider Doughnuts

I have to admit, apple desserts in the fall are my ALL TIME FAVORITE! You can buy amazing apple cider doughnuts at Evans Apple Orchard. Tip: try with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.. you can also top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. So good!

12. Preserves, Jams, Syrups, and Jelly

Preserves, syrups, etc that are made from fresh local fruits are so sweet and bursting with unbelievable flavor that store bought items cannot compete with.

13. Peaches & Peach Cobbler Mix

Are you a peach fan? I’m always happy to pick up some locally grown peaches while I’m traveling through South Carolina, but who would have thought that the peaches grown at Evans Apple Orchard in Kentucky could be just a delicious?

14. Pears

I never was a fan of pears until I tried one right off of the tree as a teenager at an orchard. Now, I get my pear fix while visiting Evans!

15. Blueberries

On my most recent trip Evans Apple Orchard, I came home with a delicious pint of blueberries. (unfortunately, was they day we found out my daughter is allergic) They tasted so fresh and looked amazing as well. If you choose to, you can pick your own blue berries instead of buying them in the shop.

I hope that you get a chance to visit Evans Apple Orchard and try all the tasty goodies that they have to offer.

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You can read about our trip to Evans Apple Orchard by clicking the link below. Happy Traveling!

Visiting Evans Apple Orchard with Toddlers

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