Happy Easter everyone! I’m writing this a couple of weeks ahead of Easter to give you some Easter crafting inspiration for the month of April. I’m by no means a master crafter and of course my toddlers aren’t either. What matters most is creating something while creating memories with your little one. So, make some memories with your toddler with these easy easter crafts for toddlers!

B is for BUNNY

easy easter crafts

Footprint bunny ears

easy easter crafts

Colorful Cross

easy easter crafts

Button Cross

easy easter crafts

Cotton Ball Sheep

easy easter crafts

Bunny ear hat

easy easter crafts

Chick Fork Painting

easter crafts

Footprint Cross

easy easter crafts

Footprint Carrots

easy easter crafts

Handprint Chicks

Handprint Bunny

Popsicle stick Daffodil

Foam Bunnies

Foam Baby Chicks

Crafting Benefits

We spend a lot of time crafting in our house. The girls favorite part of homeschooling is arts and crafts time. And honestly, mine too. haha. Craft time is just as important as reading, math etc. Arts and crafts encourages self expression, boosts self esteem, develops fine motor skills, increases dexterity, and improves hand eye coordination. Crafts also teach flexibility and improves their memory!

Even if your little one isn’t school age yet, spending time crafting with them will be beneficial to your relationship and may improve their behavior as well. Spending one-on-one time together crafting will strengthen your bond which may lead to less attention seeking behavior. Win Win!

I hope you enjoyed these easy Easter crafts for toddlers! Make some memories and Happy Easter everyone!

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