11 Types of Vacations To Take With Your Kids

Traveling with my daughters is my favorite thing in the world. As an avid traveler, I’m always looking for new types of travel to experience with my girls. We favor beach trips and old walkable towns, but there are so many others ways we explore this world together. For your next trip, you can mix things up by trying one of these 11 types of vacations.

11 Types of Vacations For Families


Camping gets your family outside for some fresh air. It also teaches your children resilience, encourages them to explore, brings them closer to nature, and encourages them to be adventurous.

What to do:
– cook together over a campfire
-catch fireflies
-tell campfire stories
-take hiking trails
-go fishing
-canoe, kayak, SUP, or snorkel
-swim in a lake, creek, or river
-relax in a hammock

Down Sides:
-the weather can make or break your camping trip
-you will need to take action to keep the bugs at bay (bug spray, citronella candle, etc.)

Beach Trip

Playing with water helps kids learn. For most people, adults and kids alike, the ocean is relaxing and soothing. A beach trip is a great way to have an active vacation and allows you to soak up that glorious vitamin D.

What to do:
-build a gigantic sand castle
-play frisbee, soccer, volleyball, or football
-get your tan on
-read a book
-have a photoshoot
-walk the pier
-take a fishing charter
-eat dinner at a waterfront restaurant

Down Sides:
-the weather could ruin your beach trip
-depending on your kids they could get bored staying on the beach for hours which can lead to tantrums/whining and that can be a big downer for a vacation

Old City

Visiting an old city is always educational. You also get great exercise walking through the streets of an old town.

What to do:
-visit museums
-take a guided walking tour
-try local delicacies
-stay in a historical hotel or B&B
-visit the popular historical sites
-eat at a restaurant with a view

Down Sides:
-it could get crowded
-you may need to bring a stroller or wagon along, depending on your kids ages, because there’s a good chance they’ll get tired of walking

Bustling Modern City

You get to be in the middle of the action, have a lot of opportunities to interact with other people, and there’s so much to do in big modern cities.

What to do:
-visit a candy shop
-go to a museum
-eat at a restaurant with a view
-get your shop on
-see unique architecture
-visit a unique ice cream shop
-try a food you’ve never tried before
-visit a kid centered attraction

Down Sides:

-big cities are more expensive
-big cities can get crowded

Mountain Getaway

Fresh air, vitamin D, and an active mountain vacation are all great for your overall mental and physical help. Children also benefit intellectually from being outdoors.

What to do:
-stay in a cabin or a hotel with a view
-relax in a hammock
-eat at an outdoor restaurant
-have a picnic
-go fishing
-take a kayak or canoeing tour

Down Sides:
-weather could ruin a trip to the mountains
-you have to prepare for bugs (bug spray, bug repellant bracelets, etc.)


On a cruise there will be a lot of activities to entertain your children, possible child care for you to have alone time, food included in your ticket, shows on board, and more!

What to do:
-join a group activity
-put your children into child care or a class
-participate in a work out class
-sun bathe
-decorate your room door

Down Sides:
-weather could make a cruise quite scary and dangerous
-you could end up sea sick or sick with another ailment that can’t be treated on board the ship

Road Trip

With a road trip, you can fit in a lot of attractions and towns in a short amount of time. Plus, you get

What to do:
-stop at some funny and strange attractions (like the world’s largest chest of drawers in North Carolina)
-have a picnic
-stay at a quirky accommodation
-camp for a night
-play road trip games

Down Sides:
-being in a car fo a long time could cause a lot whining, making the trip more of an issue than an enjoyable trip
-the possibility of break downs

Theme Park

Kids have LOADS of fun at theme parks. Plus, you get to spend time in the fresh air and try sweets and other foods that you can’t get anywhere else.

What to do:
-ride rides
-have a meal at a themed restaurant
-try unique desserts
-visit attractions near the theme park
-play games

Down Sides:
-waiting in lines for rides and attractions get be too much for some young kids
-bad weather could make the rides shut down

Group Trip

Traveling with extended family, other families, or friends is great for kids, because they always have someone to play with. It keeps things fresh and new which is entertaining. Plus, you will also have other adults around which id always great when you are normally just surrounded by your kids. The best benefit of all when it comes to traveling with others is that you can split some expenses. (if you are road tripping together you can split gas costs, etc.)

What to do:
-choose any type of vacation
-plan and organize your trip together

Down Sides:
-you could have disagreements with the other adults in your group, about where you should eat, stay, etc.
-kids could end up fighting with each other

Resort Vacation

Ready to leave your stress behind? Choosing a resort vacation allows you to not worry about what you are gonna provide for dinner. It allows you inclusive child care and activities. And most importantly, depending on your resort of choice, you have access to spas, massages, saunas, gorgeous pools, and serenity.

What to do:
-lay by the pool
-order room service
-have a spa day
-take part in a class or group activity

Down Sides:
-kids could get bored/need more to do/not exciting enough


You can save some money while staying close to home and you get the added benefit of seeing parts of the area that you live in that you wouldn’t normally get to see. It’s always great to support local.

What to do:
-eat at a newly opened restaurant
-visit a sweet shop
-support a local boutique or clothing store
-visit the most popular tourist attraction in town
-stay a night in a bed & breakfast

Down Sides:
-you’re seeing an area that you have been in before
-there may not be enough to do in your local

Have you take any of these types of vacations with your kids? Will you be taking any of these soon? I’d love to hear form you!

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