We’ve all been there. Stuck inside, long car rides, making a scene in the doctors office… You need something to entertain your little one(s). And quick! Try these 10+ iPad educational toddler apps that won’t only entertain toddlers, but will teach them a thing or two too.

Educational Toddler Apps

Toddler Games

toddler app

What it teaches: shape recognition, counting, matching

Khan Kids

toddler app

What it teaches: taking turns, counting, number recognition exercise, animals, instruments, opposites, emotions, letter recognition, letter sounds, tracing letters, measuring, story telling, and more!

Learning Games

toddler app

What it teaches: spelling, letter recognition, letter sounds, solving puzzles,


toddler app

What it teaches: Caring for animals, solving puzzles, counting, tracing, spotting differences, letter recognition, letter tracing , spelling.

Smart Shapes

toddler app

What it teaches: Color recognition, shape recognition, size differences.

PBS Kids Play Games

toddler app

What it teaches: story telling, sharing, following directions, history, emotions, matching, how to be helpful, how to get clean in the bath, farming, cooking, music, art, counting, counting by tens, being a good friend, being quiet while others are asleep, sorting, rhyming, paint by letter, potty training, exercise, symmetry, making music, matching, balancing, the weather, and more!

Match Games

toddler app

What it teaches: Color recognition, matching animal babies to their parents, types of vehicles, shape recognition, form perception, and more!

123 Learn

toddler app

What it teaches: number recognition, counting, number value, estimating quantities.

Toddler Games and Kids Puzzles

toddler app

What it teaches: problem solving, matching, solving puzzles, matching.

Toddler Puzzle

toddler app

What it teaches: coloring, following directions, doing things in order, solving puzzles.

It’s such a taboo to let your toddler have more than an hour of screen time. Don’t feel guilty. We all get busy, all toddler get bored. You can make sure their screen time is productive and worth while by letting them play these educational toddler apps! I’d love to hear about other games you let your toddler play, leave me a comment and let me know!:)

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